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UK’s Scariest Ghosts: 4 Shocking Real-Life Paranormal Tales

EDDIE BRAZIL looks into four accounts of real-life scariest ghosts, which could have come straight from a Hollywood horror film.

Simon of Sudbury, a Canterbury Tale of Ghosts and Murder

PETULA MITCHELL tells the story of how Archbishop of Canterbury, Simon of Sudbury, was murdered and now haunts the cathedral
Lakefield Priory Hotel Kent

Sobbing ghost disturbs guests at Larkfield Priory Hotel, Maidstone

Haunting spirits roam the halls and rooms of Larkfield Priory Hotel in Maidstone, Kent, says RICK HALE

Was the terrifying Bat Beast of Kent really an Alien UFO?

Tthe Bat Beast, scared many in Kent during the 1960s. It may have been an alien, says RICK HALE
The spirit of notorious highywayman Dick Turpin is said to haunt the Chequers Inn in Ashford, Kent

Chequers Inn: Haunt of Dick Turpin’s Ghost!

RICK HALE takes us to the Chequers Inn in Kent - a country hotel haunted by Britain's most famous highwayman, Dick Turpin
Elvey Farm Pluckley

Elvey Farm Country Hotel: Rest your head in Pluckley’s most haunted rooms

Elvey Farm Pluckley - with its history of ghosts - is a excellent place to stay while visiting England's most haunted village

Byzantium 2012 REVIEW: Vampires set up home in modern-day Hastings

Byzantium 2012 sees Neil Jordan make a return to horror. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES is pleased to hear it...
16 Waterdales Northfleet

Did an evil Poltergeist force three families to flee a Northfleet Kent home?

EDDIE BRAZIL digs deep to discover the Northfleet Horror, where a poltergeist terrorised three Kent families

England’s 5 most haunted and creepy Victorian piers to visit

BARRY McCANN loves to be beside the seaside on these five most haunted English piers...

Chislehurst Caves (Night 2), Most Haunted REVIEW

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN looks back on Most Haunted: Chislehurst Caves (Night 2)

Chislehurst Caves (Night 1), Most Haunted REVIEW

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN looks back on Most Haunted: Chislehurst Caves (Night 1)

5 Haunted Places to Visit in Royal Tunbridge Wells

NIA JONES checks out five of Royal Tunbridge Wells’s spookiest places…

Pluckley, England’s Most Haunted Village

MANDY STEEL COLLINS investigates Pluckley, England's most haunted village

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