Chislehurst Caves (Night 2), Most Haunted REVIEW

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ANN MASSEY takes a look back at Most Haunted: Chislehurst Caves (Night 2)

Episode Title: Chislehurst Caves (Night 2)
Location: Chislehurst, Kent
Series: 10 Episode Number: 137
Review: (You can read my review of Night 1 at Chislehurst Caves here.)

This episode I was looking forward to as the Most Haunted team had not yet mentioned the tour guide favourites of children being sacrificed or the woman in the drowning pool.

Bemused Ciaran O’Keeffe seems more long suffering than ever, as they approach the pool and Psychic Brian senses a woman who had drowned there.  Step in Leslie to not only agree but put words in the mouth of Brian in between jumping at her own shadow and squealing – a lot.  Behold the rippling water as an unseen entity throws a pebble into the water – or as Ciaran suggests but is ridiculed, a random drip from the cave roof.

I kind of knew what was coming at the sacrificial altar but endured Brian’s performance, Leslie’s astounding historical insight and Yvette Fielding’s incessant chatter.  “Come towards us I dare you!” “Speak, speak to us!” I imagine they would Yvette if you shut up long enough to listen.
The highlights of this episode were by far the amount of times the team got lost.  Poor Karl (husband of Yvette) is lost, alone, terrified and verging on hysteria.  These 90 seconds are hard indeed on poor Karl as he waits to be rescued by his colleagues.
Well it’s Ouija board time at the sacrificial altar and outrage ensues at the dark entity who confesses to sacrificing children.  Brian is on form senses a dark presence as the table shakes and trembles and Yvette swears like a trooper.

A brief moment of sanity as we cut to an out of tunnels Ciaran O’Keeffe, who tells us in not so many words that the screams, sounds and phenomenon are most likely echoes, water drips and breezes – as well as exaggerated performances and a highly suggestible and hysterical TV crew. Alright he didn’t say the last bit, but you know he wanted to.

So neither episode produced any solid evidence, but then with the noise and chatter the crew make it’s hardly surprising.   All in all the visit made Scooby Doo seem like a History Channel documentary and they would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky Parapsychologist!  A shame really, because Chislehurst Caves are fascinating and quite spooky indeed, just not in the hands of the Most Haunted team.

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