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Meath is a county located in the province of Leinster, known for its rich history, ancient monuments, beautiful landscapes, and legends of haunted ruins and supernatural beings.

Meath articles on Spooky Isles


Ghostwatch, the birth of paranormal reality TV

Ghostwatch terrified 10-year-old MJ STEEL COLLINS back in 1992. She now looks back on the groundbreaking paranormal TV special.

The Haunted Vacuum Cleaner of Lulworth Camp

Haunted Vacuum Lulworth Camp
Lulworth Camp's Officers Mess in Dorset is teaming with paranormal activity, including a haunted vacuum, says ROBIN WHEELER

ZX Spectrum’s 5 Creepiest 1980s Computer Games

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES returns to the 1980s to remember the ZX Spectrum's creepiest computer games

Scottish Mermaid Real Life Tales

Scottish mermaids
GARY KNIGHT reveals some amazing real-life tales of Scottish Mermaids!

5 Interesting Deaths Found on Berkshire Gravestones

NICOLA CARPENTER has come across some strange gravestones in her travels around cemeteries. Here are some with some peculiar deaths from Berkshire.
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