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Shropshire is a ceremonial county in the West Midands of England.

It includes the towns of Telford and Shrewsbury.

Shropshire articles on Spooky Isles


Minerva Inn, Plymouth’s oldest and most haunted pub

The Minerva Inn is Plymouth's oldest pub, where its former inhabitants continue to haunt its well-trodden floors, says RICK HALE

11 Greatest Hammer Horrors Never Made

Hammer Horrors Never Made
BARRY McCANN ponders what might have been had Hammer followed through and produced these fabulous horrors

Barnet’s 10 Most Haunted Places To Visit

Barnet Postcard
JAY HOLLIS takes a look at the most haunted places to visit in the North London Borough of Barnet...

6 Unlikely Jack the Ripper Suspects

JON REES looks at some of the more bizarre Jack the Ripper suspects from fiction

James Turner’s St Christopher Medallion and Borley Rectory

MICHAEL S. COLLINS introduces us to a mostly unknown ghost story by a man at the centre of a very famous haunting
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