Madeley Court Hotel: A Haunted Step Back in Time

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Dark spirits and ghosts from its ecclesiastical past haunt the Mercure Madeley Court Hotel in Telford, Shropshire, says RICK HALE

Mercure Madeley Court Hotel

Step back in time by visiting the Madeley Court Hotel...
Step back in time by visiting the haunted Mercure Madeley Court Hotel…

Castlefields Way, Madeley
Telford TF7 5DW

The city of Telford, Shropshire, is a relatively new town having been incorporated in 1963.

Nevertheless, the town itself sits on a much older village, with buildings dating back several centuries. Some of these inhabited by the ghosts of their past.

The Mercure Madeley Court Hotel is a Grade II listed 16th century country house with roots in the mediaeval era. And the ghosts to go along with it.

History Of The Mercure Madeley Court Hotel

Following the dissolution of the monasteries, the manor of Madeley, a former Wenlock priory, was purchased by Sir Robert Brooke.

When Brooke built his home, he built it over a monastic Grange dating back to the 13th century.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the house passed through the hands of several owners.

By 1880, the house began to fall into disrepair and was once described as a ‘scene of utter desolation.’

In 1973, the Telford Development Corporation began an extensive restoration on the grand old house to restore it to its former glory.

Finally in 2014, after years of improvements and modernisation, the building was turned into a hotel and opened its doors as the Mercure Madeley Court Hotel.

Haunting Of The Mercure Madeley Court Hotel

During the years when the house sat empty and crumbling, the locals avoided the house for a much different reason.

It was widely believed Madeley manor was inhabited by dark entities. And if anyone visited the spirits made it abundantly clear, visitors were not welcome.

Although the house is now a trendy hotel, that has not changed the fact that ghosts still stalk the halls and corridors of the hotel.

The Ghostly Monk

A frequently reported ghost sighted at the hotel is a silent phantom monk.

This ghost is believed to be a monk who resided at the house when it was a monastic Grange.

Eyewitnesses have curiously watched as the monk suddenly manifests out of thin air and slowly makes his way across the grounds.

The monk’s features are obscured by the hood of his robes. Any attempt to communicate with him leaves the unsuspecting person speechless as he abruptly vanishes into thin air.

The Top Floor

The top floor of the hotel is considered to be the most haunted part of the hotel.

A small group of spectral maids, dressed in Victorian era clothing, have been spotted going about their daily chores.

The maids appear to be aware when someone is watching them and will pause and slowly fade away.

Room 11 is Spook Central

Hotel staff have affectionately referred to Room 11 as “Spook Central.” And the dubious reputation of this room is well earned.

Several guests have reported being awakened in the middle of the night by something heavy sitting on their bed.

When they open their eyes, the guest is horrified to see the half formed apparition of a man sitting on their bed.

They then watch as the bizarre vision gets up and vanishes before their eyes.

The Old Mill

Poltergeist activity and a sinister laugh has been experienced in the Old Mill, where the hotel holds private functions.

People have reported tables and chairs being moved by unseen hands accompanied by a feeling of dread.

The Mercure Madeley Court Hotel is a charming hotel known for its warmth and hospitality.

The hotel’s two restaurants, ‘The Priory’ and ‘Le Rendezvous’ offers a fine dining experience with the finest in British cuisine.

Out And About

The area the hotel is located in is close to several sightseeing options.

The historic town of Shrewsbury and Powys castle is located nearby, as well as the RAF Cosford Air Museum.

Staying at Mercure Madeley Court Hotel is taking a step back in time with ghosts thrown in for good measure.

Have you been to the Madeley Court Court? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!


  1. My Husband & I recently stayed at Madeley Court for three nights ( the newest part) as my niece got married there at the Old Mill & we found it very pleasant. We had heard about it being haunted and asked the receptionist about the story & she kindly gave us the key to room 11, The Gables, & said we could tour the house. We did exactly that & when we got to the top of the Old House and approached room 11, we put the key in and opened the door, we both felt something was there, he went all goosepimply & his hairs on his arms stood on end & I felt like a cold air around me, then we stood there bickering about who is going to go in first, he finally went first. Looking back it was quite funny, we was like two scared kids. When we went inside, the room was very Victorian looking and it had an eerie feel about it, the floor was uneven & it was sort of dark, however the view from the top window was quite amazing, it looked right down onto the lake. Personally I am pleased we never stayed in that part of the house, although it was amazing to see, but from another perspective there is a lot of beauty and history that makes it a welcoming place to stay. If you like to be spooked & are looking for a ghostly experience, then the old part is for you, for relaxation I highly recommend the newer parts. The food is beautiful.

    • OMG We stayed in the Gables in 2005. Didnt realise it was room 11 till just reading your review. The first night my wife said to me she was woken during the night to the sound of clanking like chains. I said lol it was probably the radiators. The following night WOW we both sat up straight in bed and I said thats not radiators. It was like chains being dragged along the floor. We didnt go back to sleep after that. We only stayed the 2 nights. On talking to somebody the following day in a restaurant in Brosley/Telford they told us it was haunted….


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