Phantoms Haunt The Cursed Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry


Angry spirits and a deadly curse haunt Coventry’s Coombe Abbey Hotel, says RICK HALE

Coombe Abbey Hotel
Brinklow Road, Binley
Coventry CV3 2AB

Many former abbeys in England have a reputation for being some of the most haunted buildings in the country.

Some researchers believe it’s due to the long history of human drama, dedication to God and King Henry VIII’s repressive anti-Catholic policies.

Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry is a Grade I listed building with a long history of betrayal, conspiracy and of course, ghosts.

History Of Coombe Abbey Hotel

Coombe Abbey’s long history began in the 12th century, when it was gifted to an order of Cistercian monks by Sir Richard de Camville.

Coombe Abbey quickly became the most influential Abbey in the region as the monks were known for great acts of charity to the poor.

In 1539, the crown seized all papal land, including Coombe Abbey. The monks were either scattered or arrested.

Coombe Abbey Hotel has always thought to be haunted...
Coombe Abbey Hotel has always thought to be haunted…

As with most abbeys, Coombe was converted into a private residence, and in 1581 it became the home to Sir John Harington.

A man who would play an important role in a conspiracy to bring down the monarchy.

In 1603, Princess Elizabeth, was sent to Coombe Abbey to receive an education from Harington.

A year later the Gunpowder Plot was conceived. Conspirators plotted to kill king James, his two sons and kidnap Elizabeth.

Learning of the plot, Harington, sent the princess to Sir Thomas Holcraft in the walled city of Coventry.

When the kidnappers showed up at Coombe, they discovered Elizabeth had been spirited away.

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Most of these conspirators were killed when they tried to escape. Years later,Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England.

The Haunting Of Coombe Abbey Hotel

Throughout its history, Coombe Abbey was always believed to be haunted.

However, that haunting became even more evident when the old country manor was converted into a luxury hotel.

Two ghosts are believed to haunt the hotel. One from its ecclesiastical past. The second, is a young girl who is said to have placed a curse on the building.

Abbot Geoffrey

The ghostly figure of a monk has been witnessed wandering the corridors and grounds of the hotel.

This monk has also been known to cause chaos in the kitchen by breaking plates and throwing cutlery.

This angry monk is believed to be Abbot Geoffrey. A monk who was brutally murdered on the grounds of the abbey in 1345.

His murderers were never brought to justice and this appears to have made the phantom monk angry and destructive.

The Stable Girl

In life, Matilda was a beautiful young girl with jade green eyes that twinkled when she smiled.

The master of the house fell in love with the young girl and the two carried on a whirlwind romance.

When Matilda discovered she was pregnant, she told her lover who rejected her and the child.

When she gave birth 9 months later, the child came out stillborn.

Enraged by the horrific twist of fate, Matilda, cursed the house saying that any young child born in the house would die under terrible circumstances.

A curse that has come through several times over the building’s many years.

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The ghost of Matilda has been seen floating throughout the hotel with a dreadful scowl and even nastier disposition.

She has been known to slam doors shut and scream in the face of any unlucky guest that should happen upon her.

Over the years there have been many guests who have fled the hotel in terror after encountering Matilda.

What The Hotel Offers

This elegant hotel offers 119 tastefully decorated rooms with all the amenities expected at a modern hotel.

The Garden Room Restaurant is sure to delight the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The Garden Room bar is opened late so guests can have a late night drink with family or friends.

You can also take part in medieval banquets staged by the hotel.

Haunted Coombe Abbey Hotel is sure to make your stay as memorable as possible. Either by their hospitality. Or, their ghosts.


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