Brooks Country House Has Luxury With Plenty of Ghosts!

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You can experience the supernatural in luxury in the haunted Brooks Country House, says RICK HALE

Brooks Country House

Where is Brooks Country House Hotel?

Pengethley Manor, Ross-On-Wye HR9 6LL

Located between Hereford and Ross on Wye is Brooks Country House, a charming Georgian manor house situated on 15 acres of National Trust parkland in rural Herefordshire.

Brooks Country House is known for its luxury accommodations and first class hospitality at affordable prices.

The hotel is also a well known haunt of some very active ghosts that regularly make themselves known to the living.

History of Brooks Country House

Formerly Pengethley Manor, the first known owner of the house was John Powell who purchased it in 1583.

Powell and his descendants remained in the house until 1816 when a devastating blaze nearly burned the house to the ground.

The house was rebuilt not long after the fire by its new master, Thomas Symonds.

Following World War II, the house was updated and converted into a hotel by Mr and Mrs Blanch who owned a cattle farm on Guernsey.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, the hotel changed several owners who put their own personal touch on the building.

The current owner, an American doctor, is responsible for the charming country manor the hotel is today. And it’s his renovations that may have given new life to some old hauntings.

Haunting of Brooks Country House

According to both staff and a number of guests, Brooks Country House appears to be haunted by two very active ghosts.

An elderly woman and a much younger spirit that enjoys playing good natured pranks on her unwitting victims.

A Little Girl Named Harriet

According to historical records, Brooks Country House was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1816.

No one can say with any certainty how the fire was started but that most of the family managed to escape the deadly inferno.

Except for one family member. Their youngest child a little girl named Harriet.

I can not imagine the sense of utter hopelessness the family must have felt watching their house be destroyed while being incapable of saving their child’s life.

With that tragic night long since gone, it would appear that the sad little spirit of Harriet has remained in the house, reliving her childhood.

The sweet, cherub faced Harriet has been witnessed skipping up and down the halls of the hotel.

She is said to vanish whenever someone goes to ask her where her parents are.

She is also known to play good natured pranks on guests by hiding their personal belongings in strange and unexpected places.

The little apparition has become a much loved member of the hotel’s family.

The Elderly Lady

The second most prominent ghost that haunts the Brooks Country House is the apparition of an elderly woman.

No one knows who she was in life, or why she is haunting the hotel.

This mysterious figure has been observed walking through the burned out ruins of the old building with a look of loss etched into the lines of her face.

The curious phantom has also been seen sitting quietly in a corner of the library wearing a black dress.

Other Ghostly Antics

Little Harriet and the old lady are not alone in haunting the luxury hotel.

A mixed bag of phenomena not associated with the two apparitions is regularly experienced in the hotel.

Heavy footfalls in the halls have been heard following staff around the hotel as they go about their chores.

Heavy furniture has been observed rising off the floor and falling back to the floor.

And loud bangs accompanied by voices have been heard coming from empty rooms at all hours of the day.

What The Hotel Offers

Aside from its lively ghostly inhabitants, Brooks Country House is a charming Georgian manor house.

The house offers 25 individually decorated rooms, some decorated with antique furniture.

The hotel offers two eating areas. One is a AA Rosette award winning restaurant that offers an Italian menu and overlooks Pengethley Park.

The second is a bistro bar that serves light snacks and drinks in a relaxing setting.

Out and About

The hotel sits on 15 acres of National Trust parkland where can explore the countryside including Wye valley.

Hereford is nearby as well as the Malvern Hills and the Welsh borders.

Brooks Country House is an elegant step back in time and a great place to experience the supernatural.

Have you been to Brooks Country House? Tell us if you’ve seen anything spooky there in the comments section below!


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