Ettington Park Hotel, A Dash Of Haunted Elegance


Spirits abound at the Ettington Park Hotel in Warwickshire, says RICK HALE

Ettington Park Hotel
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If you have spent a long day exploring Warwickshire’s most haunted castle, Warwick Castle you may be searching for a local hotel to stay.

Ettington Park Hotel in nearby Stratford-upon-Avon is an elegant four star hotel, with a ghostly population that rivals Warwick Castle.

The castle was used for the exterior of famous horror film, The Haunting in 1963.

A Brief History Of Ettington Park Hotel

Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire, is a Grade I listed country home that is the ancestral home of the Shirley family.

Whose ownership of the property dates all the way back to the Domesday Book.

Although a much earlier home sat on the property before the present house, the home was remodeled between 1858-1862.

Archeological evidence further suggests that the land the hotel sits on may have been the site of human habitation extending back over 2000 years.

It’s also believed that a Roman villa once existed where Ettington Park Hotel now sits.

Apart from the brief history of this elegant hotel, no one can really say with any measure of certainty why it has a reputation for being so haunted.

Nevertheless the British Automobile Association has called it the most haunted hotel in the United Kingdom.

Ettington Park Hotel is an elegant and great place to stay, not just for the ghosts!
Ettington Park Hotel is an elegant and great place to stay, not just for the ghosts!

Ghosts Of The Ettington Park Hotel

Throughout its history as a hotel there have been numerous reports, made by multiple eyewitnesses, of ghostly activity.

Most of the reports are the run of the mill fleeting shadows seen out of the corners of eyes. Or even unexplained disembodied voices.

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However, there are a few very specific reports of encounters with several different apparitions.

The Victorian Lady

The spirit of an elderly woman in Victorian era clothing had been seen walking near the Conservatory entrance.

A few people who have seen her remarked that she was so real, they believed her to be an historical re-enactor.

However, their immediate thought changes when they watch as she slowly fades away with every step she takes.

A Man and His Dog

The apparitions of a man and his loyal canine have been frequently seen in the library.

The man is believed to be a former guest who died while staying at the hotel. And his dog died shortly thereafter.

He is believed to be just silently searching for a good book to pass the time in his after life.

The Governess

The ghost of a woman in a white gown has been seen by staff gliding through the corridors late at night.

This white lady has also been seen standing on the veranda.

It’s commonly believed this ghost is Lady Emma, a former governess who was in the employ of the Shirley family.

Not much is known why she has stayed behind after her death.

Those Shirley Boys

In the 1800s, two of the young Shirley boys tragically drowned while playing in a nearby lake.

A courageous Army officer who attempted to rescue the brothers drowned as well.

Since the unfortunate accident, the apparitions of the brothers and the Army officer have been witnessed inside and outside the hotel.

The two boys are believed to be responsible for playing innocent pranks on the guests and staff alike.

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Objects are moved and personal belongings vanish only to turn up in different locations.

Why stay at Ettington Park Hotel?

Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, is an elegant four star hotel that is well worth the stay. And not just for the ghosts.

The Oak Room Restaurant, offers a traditional British menu with a creative flair.

And drinks are served in the Great Drawing Room, where you can relax and have a few drinks while admiring it’s many tapestries and oil paintings.

If you are planning a wedding, Ettington Park Hotel is a romantic venue that is sure to make your special day memorable.

Haunted Ettington Park Hotel will give you an experience that you will not soon forget. Ghostly or otherwise.



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