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With a reputation for the supernatural, Kinnitty Castle Hotel has featured on TV’s Most Haunted.

Kinnitty Castle Hotel: Ireland’s Druids, Demise and Hauntings

ANN MASSEY O’REGAN explores the chequered past and ghosts of Kinnitty Castle Hotel in Ireland’s most haunted county of Offaly
Leap Castle, an enigma even for the most experienced paranormal investigator...

Leap Castle: All you need to know about Ireland’s most haunted place!

Is Leap Castle Ireland's most haunted location? Natalie Fowler Phelan finds out!
Most Haunted Leap Castle

Leap Castle Most Haunted REVIEW

Guest writer SIOBHAN McSHARRY takes a look back at Leap Castle Most Haunted
Leap Castle in Offaly

5 Haunted Places to Visit in County Offaly

CHRIS RUSH looks at the spookiest places to visit in Haunted County Offaly

7 Haunted Ireland Castles to Scare You!

ANN MASSEY lists the 17 most haunted Ireland castles for you to visit

Ireland’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Want to spend a night in one of Ireland's many haunted hotels? ANN MASSEY has picked the 10 spookiest to scare your bed socks off!

Ireland’s 6 Scariest Ghost Children

ANN MASSEY tells us about Ireland's cases of horrifying juvenile hauntings

Clonony, a ghostly Tudor castle of classic proportions

PAUL MOYNIHAN, from Irish Ghost Hunters, tells us why he is in awe of Clonony Castle
Leap Castle in Offaly

Ireland’s Haunted Midlands

PAUL MOYNIHAN takes us a trip to Ireland’s most haunted region, Offaly, home to three of the creepiest castles in the country.

Charleville's Friendly and Not-So-Friendly Ghosts

PAUL MOYNIHAN looks at the friendly and not-so-friendly ghosts of Charleville Castle in County Offlay, Ireland.

Leap Castle: A Guide to Ireland’s ‘Spook Central’

Leap Castle has a strange, bloody history, full of weird and extreme hauntings. PAUL MOYNIHAN looks at its haunted goings on.

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