Ireland’s Haunted Midlands


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PAUL MOYNIHAN, from Irish Ghost Hunters, takes us on a trip to Ireland’s most haunted region, Offaly, home to three of the creepiest castles in the country

Leap Castle in Offaly
Leap Castle in Offaly

When one thinks of Ireland in terms of paranormal and supernatural activity, it’s natural to think of castles, dungeons and ancient buildings lying in the darkness of a forgotten field, once home to lavish and eccentric folk left only to decay in the midst of a country that has since become a cosmopolitan microcosm of modernised cities and high rise business complexes.

However, much of the landscape has been left relatively untouched, and it is in these places where Ireland’s truly dark and creepy past comes to life.

Offaly is a county that sits in Ireland’s mysterious midlands, a place sprinkled with beautiful villages, amazing scenery and, best of all, three of the most haunted castles in the world.

In this article we will look at these three supernatural hotspots in order for you to gain a better understanding of one of Ireland’s hidden gems, the Macabre Midlands.

I am lucky enough to live less than half an hour away from each of these remarkable buildings, so regular visits are a luxury I am proud to have.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a Haunted Triangle of sorts, three castles that define the ghostly ether of a land steeped in spookiness: Clonony, Charleville and Leap.


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