Tag: Thriller

Thriller is a 1970s British horror-thriller anthology television series, made by Brian Clemens from 1973-1976.


Martin Mere’s strange tales of mermaids

Martin Mere
Martin Mere in Lancashire is steeped in forklore, including tales of mermaids, says guest writer DEBORAH CONTESSA

Britain’s 5 Spookiest Haunted Hospitals

Haunted hospitals across the UK continue to give shivers to the living. RICK HALE tells us about five of the most paranormally active!

UFOs over Irish Skies: An Interview with Dr Eamonn Ansbro

Dr Eamonn Ansbro is a consultant for the European Space Agency. JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN spoke to him to find out more his thoughts on UFOs over Ireland

Poppet Magic, a magical guide

Poppet magic
KATIE DOHERTY looks at poppets - the magical practice of using dolls to inflict pain on one's enemies ...

Cornish Owlman: Everything you need to know

The strange Cornish Owlman was first seen in Mawnan Smith in the 1970s. NIA JONES reveals its strange legend.
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