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Dorset is a ceremonial county in South-West England.

It includes Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth, Christchurch and Ferndow.

Dorset articles on Spooky Isles

Dorset’s Top 13 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Dorset
Dorset is a perfectly spooky place for people looking for things that go bump in the night. CHRISTINE MILLER picks 13 of the most haunted places.

Shaftesbury: Haunted Places to Visit

Shaftesbury Postcard
Shaftesbury plays host to several haunted places, here are some of the spookiest!

England’s Scariest Screaming Skulls

Screaming skulls are a terrifying phenomena in English ghost lore, says RICK HALE

Dark ghosts, not all human, at haunted Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House
RICK HALE delves into the historical mysteries and hauntings of Athelhampton House in Dorset

England’s 6 most terrifying historic vampire cases

Croglin Grange Vampire
Real-life vampires and other bloodsucking creatures are found throughout English history, says RICK HALE

Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury – haunted with ghosts after 1000 years!

Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury
Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury is an old coaching in with many ghost stories to tell, says RICK HALE

Paranormal Lockdown Calls Time At The Royal Oak Pub

The Royal Oak pub in Swanage, Dorset
M J STEEL COLLINS tells how Paranormal Lockdown fares with the spirits of The Royal Oak pub in Swanage, Dorset.

Spirits abound at haunted Sandford Orcas Manor, Dorset

Sanford Orcas Manor
RICK HALE considers Sandford Orcas Manor in Dorset, a candidate for Britain's most haunted building you've probably never heard of...

How WW2 turned Tyneham in Dorset into a Ghost Village

Tyneham Ghost Village
GUEST writer PENNY G MORGAN explains how Tyneham in Dorset became a ghost village

Bournemouth: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Bournemouth has plenty of haunted places to check out. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES picks five of his favourites in the Dorset coastal resort town.

Knowlton Henge, where Paganism and Christianity clashes

Knowlton Henge
Knowlton Henge is one of Dorset's hidden spooky treasures, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

Athelhampton Hall, Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted - Mary King's Close
MATTHEW FORDE looks back on Most Haunted: Athelhampton Hall

Britain’s Strangest Real-life Animal Ghosts

The ghost of a chocolate Labrador, haunts RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire
MJ COLLINS delves into the mysterious world of the UK's many animal ghosts...

Mysterious Slamming Door at Dorset County Museum

Dorset County Museum
The Dorset County Museum has a rich and interesting history. Guest writer DAVE GOULDEN reveals how its dark past may be behind some mysterious door slamming!


The Deadly River Hags of England

Evil witch - river hag
Don’t stray too far towards the water’s edge; these river hags need victims! CHRISTINE MILLER explains.

Kirkcaldy, Fife: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Kirkcaldy
GREGOR STEWART, author of Haunted Kirkcaldy, picks five of his favourite hauntings from the Scottish town for Spooky Isles

Return to Glennascaul 1951 REVIEW

Return to Glennascaul
Orson Welles takes a break from filming to tell a “tall tale” of Irish ghostly hitchhikers. ANN MASSEY reviews Return to Glennascaul 1951.

Dracula by the Purple Playhouse (1973), Canada’s forgotten vampire film

Dracula by the Purple Playhouse wasn't one of the CBC's finest efforts, says TERRY SHERWOOD

Evil Spirits Terrorise Eton’s St John’s Church

St John the Evangelist Church in Eton was once plagued by dark forces, with famed ghosthunter Peter Underwood drawn to investigate the hauntings.