Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury – haunted with ghosts after 1000 years!

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Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury is an old coaching in with many ghost stories to tell, says RICK HALE

Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury
High Street, Shaftesbury SP7 8JA

Located in the town of Shaftesbury, at the the peak of Dorset’s visually stunning Blackmore Vale is Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury.

A 16th century coaching in that sits upon a much older structure dating back over 1000 years. A hotel that is home to three very active ghosts.

History Of Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury

The oldest known records of Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury dates back to 1541, when it was a coaching Inn known as the Red Lion.

However, when you descend into the cellar, you quickly realize the hotel sits on the foundation of a much older building.

It’s believed the cellar was part of an ancient abbey built by the Saxon monarch, King Alfred.

Back when Shaftesbury was part of the kingdom of Wessex.

The Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury has reportings of three very active ghosts!
The Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury has reporting of three very active ghosts!

The Hauntings Of Grosvenor Hotel

Within the last decade, Grosvenor Hotel has undergone several renovations that turned it into the trendy boutique hotel it is today.

Grosvenor Hotel has long been believed to be haunted, with sporadic sightings of its resident ghosts.

They appear to have become a bit more active since the completion of the the improvements.

And this has earned the hotel the title of 5th most most haunted building in England.

What Lurks In The Cellar?

The hotel may be a bright and cheerful place, but descending into the cellar is like entering into a whole different world.

The dark, dank underbelly of the hotel was a part of the original building’s ecclesiastical history. Which could explain the spirit said to lurk down there, the phantom monk.

Staff at the hotel are reluctant to go into the cellar for fear of encountering the ghostly monk.

He is described as a tall figure with his features obscured by the hooded black robe he wears.

The monk is said to stick to the shadows closely watching whomever is in his domain.

The people who have seen him say that he appears in the corner of your eye. But vanishes when you look at him directly.

The Grey Lady

The apparition of a young woman wearing a grey dress has been seen wandering the halls and corridors of the hotel in the dead of night.

Several theories as to who she is has been offered over the years, but only one seems to be the best explanation.

It’s believed she was a nun that escaped from a local abbey when it was raided during the dissolution of the monasteries.

She is said to have found a hiding place in the building but died before leaving. Her ghost forever haunting the place where she found refuge.

Missing Bedsheets

A common complaint that comes through the reception area is from guests claiming they were awakened in the middle by a strange experience.

According to these guests some unseen force ripped the sheets and blankets from their beds as they slept.

Hotel staff explain that the mischievous spirit of a little girl is responsible for the intrusive, yet innocent prank.

Not only does Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury offer the stunning natural beauty of the Blackmore Vale, but it offers 16 well appointed rooms. 3 of which are en-suite.

The Greenhouse Restaurant has an extensive menu, using only the best locally sourced ingredients.

You can also relax with friends and have a few drinks in the hotel’s well stocked bar.

Out And About Shaftesbury

The town of Shaftesbury is one of England’s oldest towns, and is home to the Gold Hill Museum and Garden.

And if you’re willing to make the drive, you can walk among the ancient megalithic Stonehenge.

Explore the city of Bath. And wonder at the architecture of 13th century Salisbury Cathedral.

There is no shortage of things to do when staying at the charming, and haunted, Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury.


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