Bath: 5 Haunted Places to Visit


Bath is the largest city in the English county of Somerset. It’s named after its world-famous Roman-built baths. Bath is also known for it’s haunted and historic places. Here are five of the city’s top haunted places to visit.

Bath postcard

The Theatre Royal, Saw Close, Bath BA1 1ET

The Theatre Royal is a beautiful theatre that serves as a good place of leisure for theatre, opera, and music enthusiasts. Apparently, some ghosts are also huge fans of the opera. In this Bath theatre, there is a very popular ghost who stands at the top left-hand box facing the stage.

She was apparently a lady that fell in love with an actor who was in plays at the theatre, and the actor did not feel the same way about her. This must have been quite the man because she ended up hanging herself after he completely refused her advances. If you do visit the theatre, this ghostly lady probably won’t disturb you, unless you’re a handsome actor. In that case, visit at your peril. 

Francis Hotel, Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HH

The Francis Hotel is a magnificent structure of pure architectural brilliance. It attracts a good number of people to stay over, although not all of these people are breathing. Some of the guests who have stayed over at the Francis Hotel have reported seeing shadowy figures moving around in the building.

Although most guests have very different descriptions of what they have seen, a large number have reported seeing a figure that resembles a housekeeper who once worked there and ended up hanging herself. One guest has even reported hearing terrible scratching noises in the middle of the night and another has had their hot water bottle thrown from their bedroom table.

Garrick’s Head, 7-8 St John’s Pl, Bath BA1 1ET

Garrick's Head pub in Bath.
The Garrick’s Head pub in Bath.

The Garrick’s Head pub is located near the Theatre Royal. It’s haunted by a ghostly figure that the people around refer to as the Grey Lady. The story behind her haunting is that many years ago, she fell in love with an actor. Unfortunately for her and the actor, she was married to quite a jealous man who then, enraged to hear about his wife’s affection towards this actor, attacked and killed him in a duel. Upon the death of her lover, she then committed suicide.

The way she died is still a mystery with some saying she hung herself, while others said she simply flung herself out of a high window. Regardless of the circumstances that led to her death, she is now said to frequently lurk by the entrance of Garrick’s Head, carrying with her a strong scent of Jasmine and several people have reported hearing mysterious knocks and some have seen a lady wearing an 18th-century evening dress with feathers in her hair. Find out about more haunted pubs.

Sally in the Woods, A363, Bath

Sally in the Woods ia a place that drivers cannot pass at night and even the birds dare not sing. Sally in the Woods is a dangerous place in the town of Bath that was named after a young girl named Sally was murdered. Who by, no one knows, but we know that she haunts the woods and even goes as far as causing crashes on the road that lies between the trees. People have reported hearing her scream and seen her run across the woods and the road. You might not believe it, but my advice is: do not go out there at night. Read more about Sally in the Woods here.

Abbey Church House, 2 Hetling Court, Bath, BA1 1SH

The Abbey Church House today comprises storage space, offices, and accommodation. But back in the 12th century, it was used as a hospital for lepers. Bearing this in mind, the hospital has its share of paranormal visitors. The people that work in some of the offices have reported feeling cold spots during the day and the lights turning on and off without anyone near the switch. One time, some workmen had to stay over at the house and one got the scare of his life when he was awoken by a ghost lady sitting on his chest and staring at him dead in the eyes. He fled from the house, as did most of the other workmen, petrified.

These places in Bath are some of the best-haunted houses and you should go visit some, or even all, if you would like to get a good scare.

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