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The UK and Ireland are full of pubs, and many of these pubs are haunted. We have plenty of articles, including first-hand ghost sightings, of haunted pubs!


Headless Horsemen and Halloween: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Headless Horseman
DAVID SAUNDERSON looks at the enduring legacy of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which many do not know was written in Birmingham, England

5 Folklore Legends From Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is full of mysterious folklore legends. CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of five of the best.

London’s 6 Strangest Haunted Cemeteries

Take a look at some of London's weirdest haunted cemeteries and the ghosts that make them their home...

Shocking ‘child demonic possession’ cases in Medieval England that will horrify you

Child Possession
JON KANEKO-JAMES looks at historic cases of children possessed by demons

Beware The Bullbeggar of Creech Hill!

Creech Hill, in rural Somerset, is home to a malicious inhumane entity known as the Bullbeggar, says RICK HALE
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