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The UK and Ireland are full of pubs, and many of these pubs are haunted. We have plenty of articles, including first-hand ghost sightings, of haunted pubs!

The Hole in the Wall pub in York

7 Most Haunted York Pubs To Visit

York Pubs are known as some of the most haunted inns in England. Little wonder considering York itself is an ancient, medieval city. Here are seven of York's most haunted pubs for you to visit and enjoy a spirit or two...
Black Horse Great Linford - Milton Keynes Pubs

5 Most Haunted Milton Keynes Pubs

Guest writer CLAIRE EVANS looks at the most haunted Milton Keynes pubs and reveals her extraordinary paranormal investigations she has conducted within their spooky walls.
Fleur de Lys, a haunted New Forest Pub in Pilley

5 Most Haunted New Forest Pubs

Guest writer EDWARD NICHOLLS takes us on a crawl around 5 most haunted New Forest pubs in Hampshire.
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Three Locations Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted visited Three Derby Locations for one episode - The Heritage Centre, Laffery's Pub, The Bell Inn. CHRISTINE MILLER looks back at the episode...

Top 5 Haunted Lancaster Pubs to visit

CHRIS NEWTON visits some of Lancaster's most haunted pubs to check out the spirits for us…
Haworth Old Hall

5 Haunted Haworth Pubs in West Yorkshire

CHRISTINE MILLER heads to West Yorkshire to find out about the ghosts and hauntings of Haworth pubs

The Drovers Inn, Loch Lomond’s most haunted pub

Strange and ghostly things happen at The Drovers Inn near Loch Lommond, CHRISTINE MILLER heads there to find out what's going on...

Dudley Station Hotel spooked by George’s ghost

The Station Hotel in Dudley is one of The Black Country's most haunted buildings, RICK HALE reports

Gravestones and Ghosts at George and Dragon Pub, Shipley

George and Dragon Pub in Shipley, West Sussex, is full of tales of fear, hate, suicide and hauntings, says guest writer PETULA MITCHELL
Prospect of Whitby

Prospect of Whitby: A spooky guide for curious ghosthunters

Ghosts, violence and pirates are all part of London's Prospect of Whitby's murky past, says RICK HALE
Three Pilchards Pub in Polperro

Three Pilchards Pub, a Cornwall smuggler’s (and ghost hunter’s) delight!

Three Pilchards Pub in Polperro has spooky smells, cheerful ghosts and a history of other hauntings, says RICK HALE
Thomas A Becket Pub in London

Thomas A Becket, South London’s scariest haunted pub

The Thomas A Becket Pub on the Old Kent Road is so haunted, it scares even the most brutal hardmen of South London, says EDDIE BRAZIL
White Hart Bristol

Why are there so many haunted pubs like The White Hart in Bristol?

CLAIRE BARRAND asks why so many of Britain’s pubs, like Bristol’s White Hart, are haunted
Old Smugglers Inn, Jersey

Old Smugglers Inn in Jersey, the ghostly haunt of the Woman in Black

Jersey’s pirate past can be felt in the haunting atmosphere of The Old Smugglers Inn in St Brelade, says RICK HALE

Haunted Hoop and Toy Pub, where the ghostly priests roam

Ghostly clergy roam Kensington's Hoop and Toy Pub looking for a way out, says RICK HALE
Ye Olde Cock Tavern

Ye Olde Cock Tavern: A guide to Fleet Street’s most haunted pub

RICK HALE tells the terrifying spectre of a grinning floating head haunts the Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street, London.
The World's End Camden

The World’s End Camden, a place of torture, ghosts and music

The World's End Camden is haunted by its past and ghosts, says RICK HALE

Lancashire’s 10 Most Haunted Pubs

BARRY McCann picks his top 10 haunted pubs from Lancashire, England
Visit The George Inn in Southwark - discover it's hauntings!

Check the haunted staircases when you visit The George Inn

The George Pub on the Strand in London has a deserved reputation as a haunted pub, says RICK HALE

Minerva Inn, Plymouth’s oldest and most haunted pub

The Minerva Inn is Plymouth's oldest pub, where its former inhabitants continue to haunt its well-trodden floors, says RICK HALE

Ghostly prostitute haunts Silver Cross Tavern in London

Silver Cross Tavern sits in the centre of Westminster in London, and with it comes a haunting perfect for a political scandal, says RICK HALE

Bucket of Blood Pub: The Macabre Story Behind its Gruesome Name

The Bucket of Blood has a macabre legend of a gruesome murder behind its unique name, says RICK HALE

Yorkshire’s Most Haunted Pubs that will terrify you

These three haunted Yorkshire pubs will have you staying for more than one drink, says RICK HALE
Haunted Southwark Pub, Market Porter

Market Porter, London’s oldest and most haunted pub

A Southwark, London pub that was used in a Harry Potter movie may be haunted by the ghost of a tragic death, says RICK HALE

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