5 Haunted Bristol Pubs to Visit for Halloween

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Anytime is a great time to visit a haunted pub, but Halloween makes it doubly spooky to check out these most haunted Bristol pubs for some lively spirits or a pint!

Llandoger Trow Inn, Haunted Bristol Pubs

The White Hart

Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol BS1 2LU

There have been many inexplicable occurrences and eerie events at the White Hart Inn on Lower Maudlin Street throughout the years. This Bristol pub dates back to 1674, when it a was part of St James’ Priory, although the cellar is considerably older. The pub’s spooky activity began when it was the site of a heinous murder in the 1700s. In the main bar area, two brothers got into a fight over land, and one of them was slain. To this day, the fallen brother is supposed to haunt the White Hart Inn, with weird orbs visible on the pub’s CCTV.

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The Rummer

All Saints Lane, Avon, Bristol BS1 1JH

Over the years, the Rummer Hotel, St Nicholas Market, has welcomed its share of notable guests, including Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell, as well as a few wraiths. While the building itself originates from the 1740s, this location in Bristol’s ancient Old City has been occupied since the 13th century.

At least two sightings of a male ghost clothed in “an average shirt and pair of pants” in the subterranean bar, as well as a lady in white and a ghostly adolescent girl with long black hair beside the main staircase, have occurred since the 1970s. During their 2007 visit, a tour group saw a man’s torso standing in front of the fireplace as they dined. (Not sure if they had to pay more for that!)

The Highbury Vaults

164 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol BS2 8DE

The Highbury Vaults’ cool clientele, including hip locals and students in the know, belie the pub’s dark history. In the 19th century, condemned prisoners would enjoy one last beer there before making their way to the gallows. This Bristol pub’s interior and bar remain mostly unchanged since the mid-1800s. And every now and then in and around the bar, you can still hear the ghostly screams of those being dragged to their deaths.

Llandoger Trow Inn

King Street, Bristol BS1 4ER

The Llandoger Trow Inn dates back to 1664 and has long been the scene of ghostly sightings and paranormal activity. The 17th-century alehouse, where Robert Louis Stevenson penned Treasure Island, is possibly Bristol’s most haunted pub if the number of sightings is anything to go by.

It houses up to 15 ghosts with the most well-known being a disabled small child known as Little Pierre, whose footsteps and faint cries may be heard on the top floor. The Llandoger Trow Inn is also reported to be haunted by angry poltergeists who pull pictures off the walls and toss utensils around the kitchen.

The Bowl Inn

16 Church Road, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4DT

The historic Bowl Inn is located in the town of Almondsbury, just outside of Bristol. The building is haunted by the souls of a tiny French girl named Elizabeth Maronne and her younger brother, John. Locals believe they were killed by their father in the inn sometime during the 16th century. Their restless ghosts have been blamed for disturbing poltergeist activity and creepy nursery rhyme singing.

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