Shaftesbury: Haunted Places to Visit


Shaftesbury is a town located in Dorset, England. It is located a few miles west of Salisbury and close to the border of Wiltshire. Shaftesbury plays host to several haunted places and below are some of the spookiest places you can visit in the town.

Shaftesbury Postcard

Shaftesbury Abbey

The Shaftesbury abbey is said to be haunted by a monk that used to be the guardian that was entirely in charge of all the hidden treasure in the abbey.

He died without sharing the information about the location of the treasure and it is believed that he now haunts the grounds of the abbey to make sure the treasure is not touched.

People have also witnessed a phantom man drifting around the ruins in the dark hours of the night and he is believed to be the ghost of King Edward the Martyr.

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

Gold HIll in Shaftesbury, England

Gold Hill is a street that runs through the town in Shaftesbury and it has a beautiful view that some say is one of the most romantic sights in the whole of England.

This view has been used on the covers of several books, calendars, and chocolate boxes.

At the top of the street stands St’ Peter’s Church which has stood there since the 14th century and very close to it is the former Priest’s house.

On the hill, there have been reports of the ghosts of two men leading pack horses and escorting the body of King Edward the Martyr to where he is to be laid to rest. Several people have reported meeting two men leading packhorses moving along the road.

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Grosvenor Hotel, Shaftesbury

Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury
Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury

The Grosvenor Hotel is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the hospitality sector throughout the United Kingdom.

It plays host to several well-known ghosts like the monk in the cellar, the Grey lady, and a notorious child who constantly tugs at the beddings of the guests.

The site on which the building is located has been there for over a thousand years so it has witnessed many different strange encounters.

The Grey Lady that is one of the better-known ghosts here is said to be the ghost of a nun from the Abbey near the Hotel who escaped during the dissolution.

Ship Inn, Shaftesbury

This inn is located on Bleake Street, which in itself has some spooky attachments.

The Ship Inn is at least 400 years old and it is built quite elegantly. This must serve as quite the attractions for phantom beings as the building is home to several ghostly apparitions.

Some of these ghosts include a tall man dressed in a dark suit that is said to loiter around the bar, sometimes walking through the walls casually.

Some people who have seen him have said his look and carriage resemble that of an undertaker.

Under one of the staircases of the Inn, there is a tunnel that is said to lead straight to the Shaftesbury Abbey and the Grosvenor Hotel, and people have reported witnessing all kinds of paranormal activity going on within the tunnel. 

Have you seen a ghost in Shaftesbury? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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