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South Shields Poltergeist

The South Shields Poltergeist – 15 Years On

Paranormal investigator and author DARREN W. RITSON looks back on his involvement in one of England's most shocking paranormal cases, The South Shields Poltergeist...
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Souter Lighthouse, Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look back at Most Haunted: Souter Lighthouse

I saw a ghost in a haunted Newcastle upon Tyne social club, says ex-copper

NORMAN DUNBAR tells how he saw a ghost in a haunted Newcastle upon Tyne social club in the 1990s
Haunted Sunderland ghosts

Sunderland: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Sunderland has many a grim and dark tale from its ancient history, says LH DAVIES.
Victoria Tunnel Newcastle

Newcastle’s haunted Victoria Tunnel

L.H. DAVIES describes the dark history of Newcastle-on-Tyne's spooky Victoria Tunnel

Newcastle Upon Tyne: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

LEE D. MUNRO explores some of the most spooky hauntings in the North East city of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Newcastle Keep

The Keep: Newcastle’s Most Haunted?

LEE. D. MUNRO says Newcastle's Keep is well-worth visiting for those interested in the paranormal

Cleadon, a village of ghosts and monstrous beasts

L.H. DAVIES says Cleadon in north-east England has more than its fair share of paranormal goings-on!

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Wycoller Hall

Wycoller Hall’s Ghosts and Legends

Guest writer PETER CRAWLEY says spirits still roam Wycoller Hall, one of Lancashire's many haunted mansions