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13 creepy things you didn't know about County Limerick, Ireland

Spooky County Limerick is a place of mysticism, darkness and the devil. ANN MASSEY O'REGAN tells us more.

Irish woman told to sell pigs by ghost: Belfast Morning News 1862

Interesting tale of an Irish woman told to sell her pigs by the 'ghost' of her 'husband' back in the 1860s...

Ireland’s 9 most haunted graves and cemeteries

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN lists some of Ireland's most disturbing cemeteries and graveyards!

Ireland's 10 Most Terrifying Roadside Ghosts!

ANN O'REGAN checks out the tales from 10 of Ireland's most terrifying roadside ghosts!

Route 666, On The Trail Of The Devil In Ireland

ANN O’REGAN takes us on the Devil's trail in Ireland (in 666 words!)

5 most terrifying Irish poltergeist hauntings

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN reveals five of Ireland's scariest poltergeist cases

Ireland’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Want to spend a night in one of Ireland's many haunted hotels? ANN MASSEY has picked the 10 spookiest to scare your bed socks off!

The Irish Widow and her Real Life Scooby Doo Ghost Moment

A priest saved a widow from a ghostly conman in this Scooby Doo-like tale from 1800s Ireland
Colleen Bawn

The Murder of ‘The Colleen Bawn’

ANN O'REGAN says if you are ever on the ferry to Killimer, spare a thought for the "The Colleen Bawn"

Limerick, Ireland: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Limerick is one of Ireland's most haunted places. ANN MASSEY picks her favourite paranormal hotspots to visit.

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