Limerick: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

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Limerick postcard

Limerick is one of Ireland’s most haunted places. ANN MASSEY picks her favourite paranormal hotspots to visit.

Old Barnagh, Newcastle West, Limerick

Old Barnagh Tunnel in Limerick

In this small rural area is an old railway tunnel and in the tunnel wall is a face. The face of Sprid Na Barna (Spirit of Barnagh).

In the late 19th century a woman called Moll O’Shaughnessy lived in Barnagh.

A seemingly normal wife and mother, one night in a fit of rage she murdered her husband and child in cold blood.

Moll was tried and sentenced to death by being placed in a nail lined barrel and rolled from the top of the highest hill to the bottom.

She was seen long after her execution in various forms around Barnagh causing as much chaos and fear as she could.

Her murderous ways were not finished as one night in the tunnel she jumped on top of a horse being ridden by a lone horseman and during a struggle, he fell to his death.

Finally a holy man from the Parish of Athea was sent for and he gave her penance of emptying the Red Sea with a thimble full of holes.

Was that the last of her?

Locals will say differently.

Glin Castle, Glin, Limerick

Glin Castle

Standing on the banks of the River Shannon Estuary is Glin Castle, over 700 years old and home to the Fitzgerald family and the Knights of Glin.

The 29th and last Knight of Glin, Desmond Fitzgerald died in September 2011 and the title was laid to rest with him.

The Castle is the subject of reported hauntings and poltergeist activity over a number of years.

Many of the hauntings are thought to be the souls of those who fell during the many battles on the site and still roam the 500 acre estate.

On the third floor of the castle, poltergeist activity witnessed has included lights flicking on and off and doors rapidly opening and closing.

A frayed rope was found hanging from a ceiling where a worker was killed some years previously when the rope on his safety harness snapped.

A builder called Henry appears on the staircase just to pass the time and the 20th Knight of Glin himself can be found sitting in his favourite chair.

Formerly used as a hotel, Glin Castle is still available for private hire if you can afford it!

St Katherine’s Abbey Ruins, Shanagolden, Limerick

St Katherine's Abbey Ruins, Shanagolden, Limerick

Saint Katherine’s Augustinian Abbey was one of the first nunneries in Ireland, founded in 1298.

It is now just ruins, with the remains of the Abbey church and Refectory still evident.

It is believed that the last Abbess prior to the Abbey’s dissolution in 1541 practiced witchcraft in a room south of the Church, which became known as The Black Hag’s Cell.

The ruins themselves are haunted by the Countess of Desmond. The Earl and Countess were fleeing an assault and during their escape the Countess was wounded by an arrow.

Believing her to be dead, her husband buried his wife in haste beneath the altar at St Katherine’s.

The Countess regained consciousness only to find herself buried alive.

A shadowy figure is seen among the ruins and the Countess’s screams still ring out in the night as she cries for her husband to realise his mistake.

Castle Matrix, Rathkeale, Limerick

Castle Matrix, Rathkeale

Castle Matrix is situated about a mile from the centre of town.

Built by the Fitzgerald Dynasty in 1420 for the seventh Earl of Desmond, the name itself is believed to derive from ‘Madres’, the triple-mother goddesses of the Pagan Celts.

In 1487 the castle was owned by James, Ninth Earl of Desmond who was not a popular master among his servants.

On the 7th December his servants decided they would be rid of the Earl and together they brutally murdered him.

Upon hearing this, James’s brother Maurice avenged his death by executing every single servant they had.

Although Castle Matrix has been a family home for many years, James still haunts the castle to this day.

If you can find Castle Matrix and dare to knock on the door, you may be lucky enough that a member of the O’Driscoll family will show you around!

Desmond Castle and Hellfire Club, Askeaton, Limerick

Desmond Castle and Hellfire Club, Askeaton, Limerick

As you follow the River Deel out of Rathkeale a short distance to Askeaton, in the centre of the river is an island and on it stand the remains of Desmond Castle.

The site of failed assaults by English Forces, the castle finally succumbed to Cromwell’s army in 1652, not without leaving many deaths in its wake. Beside the castle ruins stands what’s left of the Hellfire Club.

The Gentlemen’s’ club, like other Hellfire Clubs was a place of debauchery and many believed, dark practices and sacrifice.

These rumours were fuelled by the Friary being abandoned as soon as the Hellfire Club opened and remained so throughout the club’s 60 year history.

Whilst there are no specific documented hauntings here, a place this rich in history is still full of dark energy and that has to manifest somehow – right?!

Have you seen a ghost in County Limerick in Ireland? Then tell us about it in the comments section below!

Limerick: 5 Haunted Places to Visit 1

Extra: Irish woman told to sell pigs by ghost in Limerick

Here’s an interesting article published in the Belfast Morning News, back on the 13 January 1862, titled “A Practical Method of Appeal from a Ghost”:

A woman in the County Limerick, not far from Einly, buried her husband a few months ago.

A knock came the door some night last month.

She asked who was there.

A hollow voice answered, “I’m your husband, whom you buried, and I am very miserable till my debts are paid. Sell the two pigs you have and sure have the money for me on such a night when I call.”

The poor ignorant woman did as he required, and felt happy at being able to meet his request, whether through fear or love (as he appeared with his shroud and pale face).

Between the first and second visit of the ghost, the poor woman went and told her story to the priest; he told her to have two policemen in the house when she would be giving the money.

Accordingly, after getting the money, the shrouded ghost came, and was arrested by the police and lodged in Limerick Jail.
This ghost turned out be a near neighbour who is godfather to one her children.


  1. We are coming to Ireland in April, and are staying near Adare. Are there any haunted places near there that we could visit, or any fairy paths/rings as well?

    • Absolutely there are! A short twenty minute drive to Askeaton will take you to the Desmond Castle and the Limerick Branch of The Hellfire Club. In Adare itself they have their own Desmond Castle (names haven’t been very original) which has the blood of enemies mixed into the mortar and the remains of the dungeons are evident. A very strange feeling there indeed! There are also ancient friaries in Adare as well as The Dunraven Arms, originally a coach house that dates back to 1792, all with their own strange histories and ambiance. The best thing to do of course is to pop into Collin’s Bar, Lena’s or Chawkes and ask the locals about the nearby haunted hotspots – you won’t believe the stories you will hear as you enjoy a pint of Guinness or a hot whiskey when you feel chills down your spine!

  2. You mixed Barna story that’s wrong please publish this story also Eddie Lenihan version is wrong her name was Molly shaughnessy and she murdered her husband and child because she was forced to marry . the murders happened in the 1840s and she was hung in in limreck . Her soul returned to her home and haunted Barna. People at Barna station felt and saw strange things such as cold hands down there neck , people had scrape marks appear on there skin people got randomly sick others shortness or breath people as if they were choking while feeling cold hands at there necks but when it stopped no one was there people crashed vehicles-due to seeing a smiling corpse looking at them and in the recent years of her haunting people reported a women who was picked up at the station various times by people she looking for a lift and half way driving vanished . This continueselly happened for many many many years and lots of people got hurt until a man one night was passing on his horse going to get the doctor for his sick wife having a baby and he met the angry corpse who grabbed his throat and nearly choked him to death . He managed to beg her to let him live and he would get the doctor to save the wife and he would return this time next week adter threathing him he better he got the doctor and the Wife and child lived . He went next day to the parish priest to tell everything and the parish priest sent him to fetch a newly ordained priest for only they had fresh power to cast out souls. The parish priest went to the stonemason and had a round stone with her face made and the priest and the man went to the tunnel . The priest said his prayers as she flew over the Barna tunnel and he rose the stone announcing her time of terror up and by the power of Jesus Christ she was to be banished into the stone for eternity . She flew at them vanishing into it and they placed it into the wall of the tunnels entrance arch. She never was seen again


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