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Kilkenny is a county in Ireland.

Top 10 Dark Ireland Folk Songs Based on Hauntings and Death

Here’s our top 10 favourite Irish folklore and dark history inspired songs, according to ANN MASSEY!

Halloween Monsters Crawl Out From Real Irish Folklore

ANN MASSEY O’REGAN gets us ready for Halloween with these real life monsters from Ireland's folklore

Horrific torture methods in Ireland through the ages

CHRIS RUSH looks at some of Ireland's most deadly and horrible torture methods used in history

20 Spooky Things About Ireland’s Ancient East

CHRIS RUSH takes a look at some of the spooky and strange tales of the Ancient East of Ireland

Kilkenny Ghost Tour REVIEW

ANN MASSEY recently went on the Kilkenny Ghost tour - discover if she was scared!

10 Haunted Irish Pubs to visit for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day
As we celebrate St Patrick's Day, ANN MASSEY invites you into these haunted Irish pubs

Dearg Due, Demon Brides and other Irish Femme Fatale

Irish Vampire Dearg Due
ANN MASSEY takes a look at the supernatural Irish Femme Fatale.

Foulksrath Castle plagued by haunted souls

Foulksrath Castle in Kilkenny is home to some of Ireland’s most forlorn ghosts, writes PAUL MOYNIHAN

Ireland’s Legend Seekers: Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain

PAUL MOYNIHAN chats with to The Legend Seekers, Ireland’s most interesting and innovative paranormal researchers

Shankill Castle: Murder, Ghosts and Mystery

Shankill Castle in Kilkenny, Ireland, has no shortage of ghosts, says PAUL MOYNIHAN

Bridget Cleary, Waking the Witch film director interview

Waking the Witch
ANN MASSEY talks to the director of a new film about the infamous Bridget Cleary Ireland witchburning

Waking the Witch REVIEW

Waking the Witch
PAUL MOYNIHAN looks at the taster of Waking the Witch, a new Irish horror film based on the Bridget Cleary witchburning

Hungry Grass tells horrific tales of the Irish Famine

Hungry Grass marks the the starving souls of famine victims who still haunt the fields of Ireland today, says ANN MASSEY


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The work of Montague Rhodes James has been filmed many times, especially on television with A Ghost Story for Christmas, a BBC yuletide favourite
Here's 13 lesser known facts about the master of the English ghost story M.R. James

5 Folklore Legends From Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is full of mysterious folklore legends. CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of five of the best.

Xtro 1982 REVIEW

Xtro 1982 scene
Xtro 1982 is an exploitation gem well worth seeking out, says RICHARD MARKWORTH

What is the truth behind haunted Minsden Chapel?

Minsden Chapel
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