Leap Castle Most Haunted REVIEW

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Guest writer SIOBHAN McSHARRY takes a look back at Leap Castle Most Haunted

Most Haunted Leap Castle

Episode Title: Leap Castle
Location: Roscrea, County Offaly
Series: 1 Episode Number: 11
Originally broadcast: 2001-2002
Medium: Derek Acorah
Parapsychologists: Jason Karl, David Scanlen & Vicki Purewal

Review of Leap Castle Most Haunted

Having a lifelong passion for the paranormal in all its form, I have been entertained by Most Haunted since my youth.

To find the team in my backyard, so to speak, I was looking forward to watching the episode in Leap Castle, one of Ireland’s most haunted locations.

This episode of Most Haunted began with a guide to Leap Castle’s history, featuring mini interviews with the castle’s owner Sean Ryan and his daughter, as well as snippets insinuating what they were to expect during their lock down.

Before the actual investigation began, Rick, one of the crew members, states he heard a whisper in his ear, and a sound tech describes how Yvette’s microphone connected and disconnected without any human action being accountable.

All this is occurs whilst resident psychic medium Derek Acorah is ‘channelling’ a Lady in Red, who shape-shifts and gives him what he describes as an ‘inter-dimensional’ experience.

It is at this point, whilst really nothing else is happening, the owner steps in and tells the Most Haunted team to be careful, as he believes they have encountered the infamous Leap Castle elemental.

The entire crew then move on to locations such as the bloody chapel and oubliette to further seek out information and experiences before the night-vision portion of the investigation begins.

The crew switches the cameras to night-vision and split into sub-teams.
Yvette and Stuart retreat to the room where the elemental was encountered, Rick and Karl go to the bloody chapel.

Yvette and Stuart see ‘orbs’ coming from the balcony, and cold spots appear according to Yvette. Stuart, not happy with what they have experienced so far, suggests going upstairs to the balcony much to Yvette’s dismay.

After some convincing, a very nervous Yvette makes it up to the balcony and before any spirits have a chance to interact, due to Stuart closing the door, Yvette’s nerves get the better of her and she is reduced to tears.

The night ends there for her and nothing but ‘orbs‘ are caught by the sub-team.

Meanwhile, Karl and Rick, after an unnecessary badgering from Karl, conduct a ‘seance’ in order to try and connect with spirits in the bloody chapel.

Nothing much happens at all with ‘violent candle-flickering’ being the highlight of that session.

The night is then brought to a close with neither group seeming to have caught much more than a few ‘orbs’.

Having seen multiple Most Haunted episodes, I have to say that surprisingly enough, Leap Castle is one of my least favourite investigations.

I feel it was 40-odd minutes of nothing and seemed to be over before it began.

Considering the location, its history and previous experiences from other ghost-hunting teams, I do feel more could of been done, and over all the whole episode was fairly bland and a slight let down.

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