Treasure Holt, Essex, Most Haunted REVIEW

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CHRISTINE MILLER looks back at Most Haunted’s Treasure Holt Episode

Episode Title: Treasure Holt
Location: Clacton-on-sea, Essex

Series: 1 Episode Number: 9
Originally broadcast: 2001-2002

Main Medium: Derek Acorah
Parapsychologist: Jason Karl, David Scanlen & Vicki Purewal

Most Haunted Treasure Holt

Witchcraft, Murder and Human Sacrifice at Treasure Holt

Treasure Holt is a building dating from the 1100s.

It has been a scene of alleged devil-worshipping rituals, sacrifice, witchcraft and black magic.

Little wonder it considered one of Britain’s most haunted locations.

Several ghosts have been seen: the owners, believing their daughter was sleepwalking, followed the figure only to find their daughter fast asleep.

Further to this, two cavaliers have been spotted fighting a duel in the grounds of the building, as well as a robbed figure, believed to be a phantom monk.

Human bones have been found within the floorboards of the property. This is the site where a ghostly male figure has been seen wandering throughout the room.

One photograph taken from the outside of the building, appears to show a female staring out of an upstairs window; this is believed to be the spirit of a woman in a crimson dress, who also enjoys an aimless roam throughout the rooms of the house.


When resident medium Derek Acorah arrives, the crew begin their walkabout in the lounge area. He sees a monk standing in the corner on the room, his name, according to Acorah, is ‘Simon’, who stole money from a monastery nearby. 

In the ‘Unseen’ version of this Most Haunted episode, the spirit of ‘Percy’ channels Derek to speak with the crew. Percy, according to records, lived in the building from 1917. Percy, through Derek, states that “(I’m) not dead”.

Lights off

Again in the ‘Unseen’ version, Derek is drawn to upstairs. He senses strongly the spirit of a small woman who is aware that he is discussing her. Jason Karl sits in the spot that the spirit is meant to sitting but picks up on nothing peculiar.

Karl and a few others move to outside where they hear unusual noises, but cannot pinpoint what these are or exactly where they are coming from.

Meanwhile, Derek leads the rest of the crew to a bedroom and he feels the presence of a little boy. Records show that a little boy has been previously witnessed within this room. His name, according to Derek, is ‘Michael’ and he is aged only about five or six years of age. He sadly perished due to scarlet fever.

Next, Jason is keen to perform a séance with some members of the crew. The crew link hands ‘to connect energies’. Jason feels a slight breeze, and an orb is caught on camera moving between the group. Yvette feels that the top of her head is extremely hot, and a continuing but increasingly cool breeze is felt. These breezes appear to positively correlate with the orbs which are seen on camera.

After the séance, Jason checks the temperature gauge which shows that far from the temperature during the séance dropping, it actually increased. However, every member of the crew stated that they felt a frequent temperature drop within the room throughout the experiment.

Back into the woods, the team’s resident make-up lady is trying to prove to the group that she can walk through this supposed location without running away. Her attempts prove fruitless however, as a pheasant causes her to flee, although soon the team begin to hear unexplained noises and the rest of the crew become uneasy.

With that, the Most Haunted team’s time at Treasure Holt, Essex has ended. 

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