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Gloucestershire is a historic county in the South West England, which includes part of the Cotswold Hills, part of the valley of the River Severn, and all of the Forest of Dean.

It includes the towns of Gloucester, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Filton, Stroud and Yate.

Gloucestershire articles on Spooky Isles


What is the Lincoln Imp?

The Lincoln Imp has appeared on many postcards
Lincoln Cathedral boasts a Lilliputian stone inhabitant said to be sent by Satan himself to unleash hell on earth. CHRISTINE MILLER reveals the legend behind the Lincoln Imp.

Changelings Fairies, The Darker Side of Irish Fairy Lore

Welsh Changeling
ANN MASSEY gives us some tips on protecting our infants from being swapped for Changelings!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub, a ghost walk back in time

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham purports to England's oldest inn and one of its most haunted!

The Stalls of Barchester 1971 REVIEW

Robert Hardy as Dr Haynes in The Stalls of Barchester
The Stalls of Barchester first screened on the BBC on 24 December 1971 - 50 years ago tonight. RICHARD MARKWORTH takes a look back...

5 Crystals for Love and Relationships: Find Your Soulmate and Enhance Your Connections

Love Crystals
Looking for a little extra love in your life? Look no further than these powerful crystals for love...
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