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Birmingham is a major city in the West Midlands of England.

Charles Dickens’ ghost haunts Birmingham each Christmas

Charles Dickens Ghost
The ghost of Charles Dickens returns to Birmingham Town Hall each year to give a spectral reading of his Christmas classic, says ANDREW HOMER

Warstone Lane Cemetery’s Unquiet Inhabitants

Warstone Lane Cemetery
CHRISTINE MILLER looks at the strange stories attached to Warstone Lane Cemetety, a unique Victorian cemetery in Birmingham

England’s Top 5 Haunted Railway Stations

RICK HALE rides the haunted rails, bringing us the 5 most haunted railway stations in England

5 Ozzy Osbourne Songs Inspired By Horror

Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon
ANN MASSEY picks the best Ozzy Osbourne songs inspired by horror

Dudley Station Hotel spooked by George’s ghost

The Station Hotel in Dudley is one of The Black Country's most haunted buildings, RICK HALE reports

England’s 6 most terrifying historic vampire cases

Croglin Grange Vampire
Real-life vampires and other bloodsucking creatures are found throughout English history, says RICK HALE

What is a Hand of Glory?

The Hand of Glory in the Whitby Museum - the only one thought to exist.
MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals the sinister mummified hand known as the Hand of Glory...

Sex, Drugs and Ghosts: Rockstars and the paranormal

EDDIE BRAZIL reveals real-life chilling tales of rock bands and their paranormal brushes with the other side!

The Ritual 2017 REVIEW

The Ritual 2017 is reviewed by ANDREW GARVEY

Banquet for the Damned by Adam Nevill: BOOK REVIEW

Banquet for the Damned
ANDREW GARVEY takes a look at Adam Nevill's 'Banquet for the Damned'

Why Haunted Himley Hall is my favourite spooky place: Andrew Homer

Haunted Himley with Andrew Homer
ANDREW HOMER tells us about his favourite spooky place, haunted Himley Hall and Park near Dudley in Staffordshire

Creepy real life ghost experiences by Spooky Isles writers and readers

Spooky Isles editors and writers reveal their own real life ghost sighting experiences...

West Midlands’ 30 Most Haunted transport links

Ghosts are associated with transport more than you think - ANDREW HOMER looks at Haunted West Midlands Transport Links

Hammer's Judy Matheson counts down her horror film favourites

Hammer Scream Queen Judy Matheson tells us her favourite memories of her horror career

Dudley: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

ANDREW HOMER picks five of the most haunted places in Dudley in the West Midlands to visit this Halloween...

The Curse of Derby County

Derby County Football Club in 1946
MICHAEL S. COLLINS tells how Derby County Football Club was long dogged by a 'gypsy curse'

Birmingham: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

NIA JONES discovers five of the most haunted places in Birmingham to visit

The Further Adventures of Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack
ANDREW GARVEY researches the lesser known reports of Spring Heeled Jack’s successors and imitators from 1887 to 1902

Horror Film Confessions of TV Bassist, Dave Swift

Horror fan Dave Swift and Sara Karloff
TV bassist Dave Swift is a huge classic horror film fan

Discover the dark truth behind St Valentine, the patron saint of...

In this St Valentine's Day Special, Jacob Milnestein reveals the mystery behind the patron saint of love, whose remains are in Ireland

The Horror of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon
KATIE DOHERTY pays homage to the Prince Of Darkness, Birmingham's own Ozzy Osbourne

F G Lee, resurrecting a neglected British ghost hunter

Horror of Gyb Farm
Author RICHARD HOLLAND has delved into the spooky past to discover F G Lee, one of England's greatest but least known ghost hunters

Jack the Ripper scares during Autumn of Terror

Ripperologist MIKE COVELL explains how the UK reacted to the Jack the Ripper killings during the Autum of Terror in 1888

Doom not Gloom from Spooky Isles Music

KATIE DOHERTY begins her new column about esoteric and occult matters by pondering the Doom Metal music that has burst forth from these isles we live on.


10 must-see Dracula sites in Romania, according to Dacre Stoker

DACRE STOKER picks the 10 must-see sites associated with Dracula in Romania

Eastbourne: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS explores the spooky side of Eastbourne in East Sussex

7 Creepiest Female Characters In British Horror Film History

PAUL MOYNIHAN makes a list of creepy women in British horror films

Liverpool: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Liverpool
HOWARD JACKSON takes a look at some of Liverpool's spookiest locations, including the world-famous Beatle landmark Penny Lane!

Dunster Castle: Where Terrifying Phantoms Roam

Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle in Somerset is one of England's oldest and most haunted buildings