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How to use a ouija board

Our ghost-hunting experts write about their experiences and discuss the art of paranormal investigation, giving you tips on how to conduct a ghost hunt!

Why Coronavirus lockdown might have you seeing Ghosts!

It's normal to feel you are experiencing heightened paranormal occurrences within your home during this time of coronavirus, says ANN MASSEY

Should you use Spiritual Protection during Ghosthunting?

Spiritual protection is a term that sounds a little strange if you're not already familiar with it. Those venturing into reportedly haunted locations sometimes...

Should paranormal investigators tell ghosts they’re dead?

Guest writer CLARISSA VAZQUEZ says some spirits might not know they're dead!
cheap ghost hunting tips

6 cheap and easy Ghost Hunting Techniques that won’t break the bank

You don’t need money to hunt ghosts. Try these fun ways of detecting whether your home is haunted, as used by RICK HALE

5 reasons your house probably isn’t haunted

Here are some common situations that could be mistaken for a haunting, according to RICK HALE
How to use a ouija board

How to use Ouija Board safely

A guide on how to use a Ouija Board safely during your Halloween fun...
paranormal research

Paranormal research is not about science, it's talking to people

KATE VON DIERK from Paranormal Exeter wonders if paranormal research and science can be used in the same sentence...
photograph an orb

Never trust ‘Orbs’ taken on your smartphone: Experiments you can try at home

MICKEY GOCOOL goes full Paranormal Blue Peter with these experiments to capture fake spirit orbs
Paranormal photography

Paranormal photography tips and tricks to take a snapshot of a ghost

Guest writer KATE VON DIERK discusses her development as a paranormal photographer and how you can do it too!

Choosing the best paranormal team to investigate your haunted home

Got ghosts? MICKEY GOCOOL provides advice on how to ensure you pick the best paranormal team possible to investigate your haunting...
types of ghosts

8 types of ghosts you might encounter on a ghost hunt

MJ STEEL COLLINS has gone back to the classics to discover master ghost hunter Peter Underwood's thoughts on types of ghosts!

What makes a great ghost hunt location?

DAVID SAUNDERSON lists five ways to recognise a great ghost hunt location to explore the supernatural!
ghost hunter qualities

Five Qualities of a Great Ghost Hunter: How to become a top paranormal researcher

DAVID SAUNDESON talks about the five qualities that make a great ghost hunter.
Is my house haunted?

Is my house haunted? 5 tips to recognise hauntings

DAVID SAUNDERSON highlights five signs to knowing if your house could be haunted...
5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

DAVID SAUNDESON explains what not to do on a Halloween ghost hunt to keep yourself safe and sane!
daytime paranormal research, ghostunting during the day

Why daytime ghost hunting better than night for paranormal research?

MICKEY GOCOOL explains why it's possible, mostly preferable, to do daytime ghost hunting
Mickey Gocool is the founder of North London Paranormal Investigations

Top 5 essential ghost hunting gadgets for your paranormal investigation

Guest writer MICKEY GOCOOL, the founder of North London Paranormal Investigations, tells us his five favourite ghost-hunting gadgets he loves
haunting ghost

A Beginners' Guide to Hauntings: How to tell a spirit from a ghost!

JANET QUINLIVAN explains how a ghost is not just a ghost by giving us a beginners guide to the types of hauntings that may occur.

Ghost hunting equipment Back to Basics with Andrew Homer

ANDREW HOMER goes back to basics and reveals his key ghost hunting equipment.
Jayne Harris

Jayne Harris: 15 tips for novice Ghost Hunters

DAVID SAUNDERSON seeks Paranormal researcher Jayne Harris' tips and advice for those interested in launching a career in Ghost Hunting

5 essential ghost hunting tips for first-time amateur paranormal investigators

Here's a handy ghost hunting guide for people preparing for their first paranormal investigation...

How to protect yourself from negative forces during paranormal investigations

KERRY GREENAWAY looks at how and why we should protect ourselves from paranormal forces...

What Is pareidolia, or why do my bedroom curtains look like a ghost?

MJ STEEL COLLINS explores pareidolia, the phenomenon that may explain the boring reality of spooky shadows in the dark!

Tyrrell’s 19 rules for seeing the perfect ghost

G.N.M. Tyrrell was a pioneer of paranormal research who developed theories still relevant today, guest writer DUNCAN WOOD says

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