6 Cheap And Easy Ghost Hunting Techniques That Won’t Break The Bank

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You don’t need money to hunt ghosts. Try these fun ways of detecting whether your home is haunted, as used by RICK HALE

Over the last 15 years an entire industry has grown up around gear to hunt ghosts.

Now, if you’re anything like me and you love investigating hauntings, you soon learn that a lot of this gear is extraordinarily expensive.

But fear not, you can have your spectral cake and eat it too. It is possible to indulge in your passion for Paranormal investigation and do it on the cheap.

These 6 techniques that I offer you today may not be the high tech gadgetry your favourite TV paranormal heroes use.

But these techniques have been in use for over 130+ years of organised paranormal investigation.

They are just as effective and you, and your wallet, will thank me.

cheap ghost hunting tips

1. Water Bowl Ouija Board

The infamous Quija board is not something that gets a whole lot of good press.

You can pretty much expect people to turn tail and run, believing that a piece of wood with letters and numbers emblazoned on it will somehow tear open a portal to hell.

Nevertheless, there is an alternative to the dreaded witchboard of doom.

All you need is a clear bowl filled with water, a cork with a needle in it and two slips of paper.

Water Bowl Quija board, is a curious technique that I have seen used a handful of times.

What you do is fill a glass bowl full of water, take the cork embedded with a needle and place it in the bowl.

Next write on the slips of paper yes and no and tape them to the opposite sides of the bowl. Then attempt to ask questions of a spirit.

The idea behind this inexpensive experiment is to ask simple yes or no questions.

If a spirit is present it can guide the cork to point at the yes or no.

When doing this, make sure there is no breeze blowing over the bowl, as it could give you a false positive.

This is a very simple and inexpensive technique, especially if you have the materials already in the house.

2. Compass

A widely accepted theory in paranormal investigation is that ghosts can somehow manipulate the electro-magnetic field.

If there is any truth to this ghosts should be able to manipulate the needle of a compass.

I have used compasses in my own investigations for many years and I have watched the needle inexplicably turn.

Some investigators use a compass as a means of communication.

They ask simple yes or no questions and ask the spirit to move the needle for a yes and stay still for no.

So before you drop a boat load of money on an EMF meter, you may want to consider spending a few pounds on a compass.

3. Strips Of Fabric

Say you’re on an investigation and your client claims to feel a cold breeze move through a room almost as if an unseen person is walking through the room.

My favourite technique to use in this instance is to hang strips of fabric from the ceiling in an attempt to capture the movement of the elusive entity.

On an investigation, I watched as an unseen figure walked through the strips of fabric and stopped on demand.

Word of warning, make sure to close off all heating vents, windows and doors to avoid any false positives.

4. Baby Powder

A tried and true method that has been used by generations of investigators is spreading baby Powder or flour on a floor to pick up any footprints.

Although messy, it can pick up any animal footprints that might a person think they’re hearing phantom footsteps.

Just make sure you get the homeowner’s permission before doing this. And of course, always clean up after yourself.

5. Candle

A technique I have never used is placing a candle in a hurricane lamp and use it to make contact.

The premise being a spirit can make the flame brighter for a yes answer. And dim for a no.

Again, you may want to get the homeowner’s permission because fire is involved.

6. Concierge Bell

Another fun technique to experiment with is using a concierge bell as a communication device.

I have used this technique since the late 1990s, with some very interesting results.

Place the bell on a flat surface and assuming a spirit is present ask it to sound the bell once for yes and twice for no.

Psychical researchers and psychics have been using bells in their investigations for decades. And a bell is an easy thing for a spirit to manipulate.

When it comes to paranormal investigation, experimentation really is the name of the game. Mainly because we have barely scratched the surface of what we’re dealing with.

And a great thing about using these old school techniques, is that you can experiment with them while using the high tech gear.

Give it a try. These old school experiments can only enhance your investigations. Tell us how you go in the Comments Section below!

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  1. Ghosts ARE electro-magnetic…they are conscious or sleepy plasma bodies, fetches by day unless a person dies and becomes untethered-a ghost


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