Is My House Haunted? 5 Tips to Recognise Ghosts and Hauntings


DAVID SAUNDERSON highlights five signs to knowing, if you ever ask yourself: “is my house haunted?”

Is my house haunted?
There are many things to think about if you ever ask yourself ‘Is my house haunted?’

Haunted houses are a lot more common than one might think. Thankfully, most hauntings are perfectly safe.

Most ghosts coexist peacefully with their living housemates. Here are just some of the signs that you may have a ghost or spirit in your midst. (Please note, none of these items alone is evidence of a haunted house – but together they may indicate something ‘weird’ is going on!)

1.) A House with a Long or Gruesome History

Older homes are much more likely to be haunted. These houses have had many more people pass through over the years. If your home has had any deaths, particularly murders or suicides, a haunting is very possible.

2.) Unexplainable Noises

Just because you can’t explain a noise, that doesn’t automatically qualify it as paranormal. You may just not realize where the noise is coming from. But if you have ruled all of these possibilities out, disembodied noises with no clear origin are a common symptom of hauntings. It’s often understood you are more likely to hear the paranormal than see it.

3.) Extreme Drops in Temperature

A room that is haunted may be drastically colder than the other rooms of a home. If the ghost activity is limited to one room, it may be best to stay away from that room, out of respect for the spirit. If the ghost is leaving you alone, it’s wise to return the favour.

4.) Nightmares

Dreams are one of the most common ways in which spirits communicate with the living. Rule out other causes such as stress or a poor sleep environment, before assuming you have a ghost.

5.) Psychokinetic Activity

If objects begin spontaneously moving or levitating, this is evidence of a poltergeist haunting. This is one of the more dangerous types of hauntings. If you witness psychokinetic activity, you need to seek help or remove yourself from the home right away.

If you do think you’re house is haunted, here are 10 Ways To Protect Your Home From Ghosts and Hauntings.

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