What Makes A Great Ghost Hunt Location?

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This Halloween, the more brave among us may seek to set off on their own private paranormal investigation. DAVID SAUNDERSON lists five ways to recognise a great ghost hunt location.

ghost hunt location

1.) Sites with Plenty of Witnesses to Ghost Activity

The more people who have seen the evidence of the alleged haunting, the more likely that this is a legitimate site of paranormal happenings and will make a great ghost hunt location.

One or two people could be exaggerating, but this possibility lessens with each witness that is added to the numbers.

2.) Sites That Once Had Many Residents

Some of the best places for ghost hunts are places that once housed many people.

Historic schools, asylums, and prisons are great examples of large institutions that often have lingering energy.

3.) Sites That Don’t See a Lot of Foot Traffic

An abandoned hotel is going to be a better ghost hunt location, then a hotel that is still in use and has guests coming and going.

The more living people there are in a space, the more the energy of the location is being disturbed.

There will also be more noise and distractions.

This can make it difficult to identify paranormal phenomena. It can also interfere with the technology.

4.) Sites That Haven’t Been Investigated by Too Many Ghost Hunters Yet

A site that has already had extensive paranormal investigations come through can be problematic for several reasons.

One is that it may be filled with tourists and other people who don’t take the paranormal seriously.

Another is that you may find yourself going into the investigation with too many preconceived ideas of what you are going to find.

It’s critical to be open-minded and never assume you know what a ghost hunt will reveal.

ghost hunt location

5.) Sites That Fascinate You

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is your own curiosity.

Most ghost hunters have an interest in the unknown, because they love mysteries and they trust themselves enough to follow their own passions.

Find a site with a story that strikes you.

If a place has a story that you can’t get out of your head, then you should consider this as the venue for your next ghost hunt.

That all being said, it’s much better to join a paranormal society, like The Ghost Club, which runs proper, safe investigations that can get you access to the top haunted places!

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