5 Qualities Of Great Ghost Hunters

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Anyone can learn the skills needed to be a great ghost hunter or paranormal investigator, but just as with every profession, those with certain personality traits are more likely to be successful and become experts. DAVID SAUNDERSON talks about the five qualities that make a great ghost hunter.

1.) Be Curious.

A desire to uncover the unknown is crucial when it comes to ghost-hunting.

There is so much that we don’t know, and still have to figure out, about ghosts and other unexplained phenomena.

A great ghost hunter isn’t distressed by not knowing, rather they are inspired to action.

ghost hunter qualities

2.) Be Positive.

Someone who is overwhelmingly bitter, angry, anxious, or sad will have trouble investigating the unknown.

Spirits are attracted to energy, but friendly spirits are likely to stay away from negative energy.

It is only the harmful spirits that will flock to negativity.

3.) Be a Critical Thinker.

Ghost hunters have to be able to analyze data and make sense out of it.

It’s necessary to be able to make judgments and look at a situation from a variety of different angles.

4.) Be Open-Minded.

A ghost hunter should be open to all possibilities. Because there is still so much that we don’t understand, we have to admit that during an investigation anything can happen.

5.) Be Skeptical.

This may seem odd, considering we just said that a great ghost hunter should be open-minded. But when dealing with the paranormal you want to have a healthy mix of both of these qualities.

You shouldn’t shut yourself off to anything.

If you’re too much of a skeptic, you may end up dismissing valid evidence of paranormal phenomena.

But you also don’t want to identify every creak in the floorboards as ghost activity.

Be skeptical, but also be ready for anything.

What qualities do you think one needs to be a great ghost hunter? Tell us your thoughts on this article in the comments section below!


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