5 Things You Should Never Do On A Halloween Ghost Hunt


DAVID SAUNDESON explains what not to do on a Halloween ghost hunt to keep yourself safe and sane!

5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt
5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

A ghost hunt, or a paranormal investigation, can be a very fun and eye-opening experience, but it is important to follow some general guidelines to keep yourself safe.

1) Never Trespass

It can be really disappointing when a property owner refuses to give you permission to investigate. You may be tempted to enter the space anyway. This is a terrible idea that could not only land you in legal trouble, it’s also disrespectful.

2) Never Leave a Ouija Board Session Open

If you are going to use a Ouija board, you need to know what you are doing. Make sure that you always properly end the Ouija session. Make sure that the pointer is placed over the words “Good Bye“, and then remove the pointer from the board. Do not ever store the pointer with the board. It should be kept separate when not in use.

3) Do Not Annoy or Antagonize Spirits

Some people might think this is funny or do it to produce some fearful thrills. You shouldn’t go stirring up trouble with spirits, especially when you may not know what you are dealing with.

4) Don’t Be Afraid on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

Some level of fear on a ghost hunt is normal, but if you’re too afraid to focus then you shouldn’t be there. Friendly spirits are likely to stay away from you. They won’t want to frighten you further. However, if there are any more sinister forces around, they could latch onto this negative energy, and they might try to upset your further.

5) Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

Mind-altering substances don’t mix well with ghost hunts. You won’t be helpful to the other people on your team, or you may perceive supernatural activity where there is none.  You need to be able to rely on your own senses. That kind of energy could also connect you with something that you do not want to get in contact with.

So enjoy Halloween, go on your ghost hunt and stay safe. With a little bit of preparation, you will have a great night!


  1. I did a investigation there yes it’s haunted but the owner is leaving ouija boards open mirrors facing each other she doing it on purpose to increase activity and to make money out of them poor souls I crossed the children over to get them away from the jailer. I also helped the witches as well as they wanted to go as thay felt the owner was just as bad as the jailer


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