How to Protect Yourself From Negative Forces During Paranormal Investigations


KERRY GREENAWAY looks at how and why we should protect ourselves from paranormal forces…

How to Protect Yourself From Negative Forces During Paranormal Investigations

Protection is often spoken about in relation to paranormal investigation, primarily in the sense of protecting oneself from negative energy.

The idea that one needs this form of spiritual protection is based on the notion that a spirit can affect y90our own personal energy by imposing certain emotions and even physical feelings upon you, and even, in certain situations, ‘attach’ themselves on to you.

Firstly, in regards to science; there is no absolute proof that negative energy exists, or that such energy can affect you.

However, within every atom there is one or more positive molecules – protons, negative molecules – electrons, and neutral neutrons. The atom is held together by the same electrical force which causes magnets to work.

That’s what keeps the atom together, the pull and push on positive and negative molecules. And, according to the laws of physics, the balance of opposing forces is key in regards to just about every area, including gravitational theory. This is what keeps the universe dynamic and essentially ‘alive’. Therefore, since the human brain is also subject to these forces, it’s possible to assume that these same forces are still in play in the non-quantifiable areas such as consciousness.

‘We are all subject to psychological manipulation on some level or another…”

There is also lots of opinions regarding the notion of the ‘law of attraction’. This is the belief that if you focus on what you want in life you attract it into your life. This also changes how you think and perceive to get what you want in life. In fact, there is a whole industry in manifestation techniques that are based upon this theory.

Therefore, if you have a positive attitude then you attract and manifest the things you want and vice versa. (i.e. think negative and you attract negative.) It’s all about ‘mind set’ and working in a positive way to ‘action’ plans to get you what you want. With these concepts in mind, your mental and emotional state, when investigating, should be in a relatively positive or neutral state, not negative, which is why there is a school of thought that if you’re suffering from anger, anxiety or depression, for example, you shouldn’t be investigating. This may also cloud your perception of events that occur on the investigation.

We are all subject to psychological manipulation on some level or other on the physical plane as well as spiritual. However, creating a good, calm mind set, can in some way protect you from manipulation. This is also true when protecting yourself before you start working in any spiritual way. This sends a mental signal to yourself that you are ‘working’ and that you have set yourself to that specific mind set.
This can be done in several ways;

  • Prayer – Before beginning an investigation, take a moment to ask for Protection from whomever or whatever belief system you subscribe to.
  • Shielding– again there are several methods, the most common being surrounding yourself in a white light of protection. I will go into shielding in more detail in another article.
  • CrystalsVarious crystals are said to help protect your auric field such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Black Onyx. Other crystals are said to be able to transmute negative energy into positive energy such as Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Carnelian.
  • Herbs – As with anything organic, herbs and spices are alleged to hold a specific energy signature. One could use these in the form of incense to burn. However, this should certainly be cleared with the location, and would also mean that any investigation would have to discount any ‘smells’ that may occur in case it was actually the incense you’d burnt. Or you could carry them within a pouch in your pocket. Good herbs for this would include Chamomile, Hawthorn and White Sage.

KERRY GREENWAY co-hosts the Dark Mirror Show and The Parasearch Uk Radio show on Paramania. Kerry has a profound interest in Crystals, Minerals and the Paranormal (which started at a young age). After attending spiritual workshops and learning about various forms of divination, this led Kerry to learn Tarot Cards, which she has now been reading for the past twenty years. However, this is not her main focus. Her passion is Crystals and Minerals and this led her in to starting her own business, Spirit & Soul Island, allowing her to work in both the spiritual and paranormal field. She is well versed in working with Crystal energy and specialises in bringing various crystals together to form the perfect combination for the intention or person. Kerry’s specialty lies with working with Crystal Grids and has used this experience within the Paranormal field, with a view to help increase activity. This is an area of ongoing experimentation and research. Kerry also makes use of a technique called ‘Crystal Gridding’ which is an ongoing experiment in investigations but most commonly used as a form of intention use.


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