7 Times Ouija Board Experiences Went Bad

Ouija Board

Guest writer HERMAN DAVIS discovers that Ouija boards – tools for talking to the dead – aren’t for the faint hearted…

The Ouija board, or spirit board, first appeared in the late 1800s. It wasn’t until the, however, that it became a well-known popular board game for kids to play. Since its original development, the board has captivated people for decades due to the claims being made regarding the game’s abilities.

This is why, throughout the years, people have turned to the Ouija boards for a number of reasons, like: communicating with deceased relatives, gaining financial independence to pay off credit card debt, or even seeing into the future. Using this board, however, with the wrong intentions in mind (like financial benefits) could backfire. How? Well because, certain entities feed off negative energies like lust, power, and in this case, greed. With that in mind, if you use this board for your personal fortune, nothing good will come of it.

Throughout the history of the game, there’s been a number of people who witnessed their friends moving the planchette around themselves. There’s also been a number of people who have witnessed horrifying things happen while playing the game. Perhaps one of the most common horror stories surrounding the spirit board comes from a dark entity called the Zozo Demon, which is why many players have burned, trashed, or sold the board to get rid of it.

Remember, when playing with this board game, you can encounter multiple entities at once from the spirit world – some good, and some bad. That’s why you should always take precaution.

Otherwise, you could end up with horrifying experience. What type of bad experiences can the game cause? Here are seven spooky tales people have witnessed happen while playing with the Ouija board:

A Horrible Message from the Beyond

During a spirit board session, one unlucky guy was visited by an evil spirit who told him that his firstborn child would die. The next morning the guy woke up and did his best to get rid of the board. He tried burning it, ripping it, and when that didn’t work, he buried it next to a Bible. Years later, his wife got pregnant. Sadly, the couple lost their first baby.

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A Spirit Hiding in the Room

Spirit boards can be tempting after someone you know has passed away. You should always remember, however, just because you call for someone specifically on the other side, doesn’t mean that person will come answering. That was the case here, when a woman bought a spirit board after her ex-boyfriend’s friend had passed away in an accident. When the couple began operating the board, they immediately felt a sense of fear and confusion, along with depression.

Although the couple was scared, they continued playing with the board until they saw what they believed was a figure in the corner of the room. That’s when they stopped playing. After that, the couple went to bed — and that’s when the real nightmare occurred. Although she’s unable to remember the full dream, the girlfriend reporting seeing a skeletal entity in her dreams that rushed towards her with its mouth wide open. She screamed for her boyfriend to get the figure off of her as she bolted out the door and vowed to never play with the board again.

An Odd Christmas Present

What would you do if you got a Ouija board for Christmas as a child? Would you toss it or bring the board out to see if the claims were true? One player decided to take their chances with a willing friend and play the board game. Once they got in the room, they unwrapped the game and immediately began asking questions.

Simple ones like, “Is there anyone in the room with us?,” not expecting an answer. The board, however, replied “Ruth,” which was the owner’s grandmother’s name who had recently passed away. Aside from being frightened, the two young friends were also stunned. Shortly after getting an answer, they put the board back and tossed it in the closet until it was thrown away years later.

Creepy Doll

A Ouija board story typically starts off with a bunch of friends goofing off, then quickly becomes a scary reality for everyone in hindsight. Reddit user Jake Nichols recounts a story of him, his cousin, and their family using an Ouija board at home. Before they started playing with the board, the group removed an old creepy doll from the basement and placed it in another room face down.

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Soon after playing around with the game, the board began listing a series of numbers that only one person recognized — Jake’s cousin. The numbers listed were his Social Security number, and according to the Reddit post, no one else knew those numbers.

The spirit operating the board was then asked to prove itself by one of the players. That’s when the spirit spelled out “D.O.L.L.” At that moment, everyone realized what the board was referring to: the doll they moved earlier. So, they rushed over to the next room only to see the doll standing on its two feet in the middle of the room looking back at them. Jake then stated that, shortly after, they burned the board.

Pushing to Kill

Toying with a spirit board is something no one should do, especially if you have the wrong intentions in mind. In 1933, for example, Dorothea Turley and her 15-year-old daughter Mattie, played with the board. Rather than the spirits telling them good things, however, they were both encouraged to kill Mattie’s father, Ernest.

It didn’t end there — the board specifically requested that Mattie kill her father, telling the young daughter that the “board cannot be denied.” So, Dorothea ordered her daughter to shoot and kill her father with their shotgun. After killing her father, the two were convicted, and Mattie was sent to a reform school until she turned 18. After that, all records of Mattie disappeared.

The Ouija Board That Won’t Go Away

If you know anything about Ouija boards, then you’d know the last thing you’d want to do is burn it or completely destroy it. Although paranormal researchers don’t know the exact science behind it, burning these boards essentially gives it more power.

This particular guy decided to play with a spirit board, and when he became bored with the game, he turned to fire to solve his problems. That’s when things really spooky. After burning the board, the young guy began hearing banging at night, hearing doors open and close on their own, and footsteps. The creepiest part of the entire story, however, is that the only part of the board that survived the burn was the upper left-hand corner with the word “yes.”

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The Red Door

While the Reddit user horsing around with a spirit board, everything, at first, seemed to be normal. That is, until the questions starting getting more serious, and the answers became more enraged. So the sister did what anyone else would do, stop playing. The only problem, however, is that the activity didn’t end there. Her ghostly encounters included getting her shirt pulled mysteriously, seeing faint clouds of black smoke, and visions of a red door.

This means that the sister in this family called on something more than just a ghost. Before she ended the game, however, the sister asked who she was talking to. The spirit told her, and she thought the name was really weird. Weeks later, she watched a show on the History channel that talked about demonology and realized one of the names stated on the show was the same name she encountered while playing with the spirit board.

Although they can’t remember the exact name, the sister does remember seeing a person that looked similar to a ram.
In the end, by using spirit boards you invite entities inside your home that are both good and bad. As a result, you can then unexpectedly develop an obsession with these spirits, which can later lead to possession.

If that happens, you’ll start to speak different languages, feel nauseous, and have phases where you blackout and don’t remember anything. These are just a few reasons why you should never play with Ouija boards.

Thanks for the read! Did I miss anything super important? Do you know of any other Ouija board experiences that went wrong in the UK? If so, feel free to leave a comment below.

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