Has Stone Tape Theory Been Uploaded To The Cloud?

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Guest writer ASHLEY KNIBB explains Stone Tape Theory and asks if it’s no longer ‘stone-aged’?

The Stone Tape Theory is one of those paranormal theories that pretty much anyone in the paranormal field is aware of and at some point have probably seen it as a potential reason for a little residual activity at a location.

Although not proven, it’s one of the most widely accepted and potentially influential theories of the paranormal out there.

The theory itself has a little history and detail surrounding, for which you can find on my website www.ashleyknibb.com.

What is Stone Tape Theory?

Here’s the absolute basics of the theory:

Phenomena relating to ghosts and hauntings is actually similar to a tape recording – the information regarding an event or individual is stored locally within a location’s environment. This information is then released for some of us to observe/interpret should the triggers be correct.

The Stone Tape Theory places the media that records the events in the localised geology, such as the stone of a building or location. However, it does also extend the media to other aspects such as water.

Ashley Knibb - Paranormal Explorer, Investigator & Researcher
Ashley Knibb, Paranormal Explorer, Investigator and Researcher

It’s commonly believed that the emotional energy exerted during a traumatic event is what imprints the location with the information for later visitors to pick up.

Stone Tape Theory
Stone Tape Theory

A Change of Perception

As a paranormal investigator and researcher myself over the years, I have to admit the Stone Tape Theory has been very appealing. It made perfect sense and presented some quite probable reason behind the possibility of why these residual hauntings may exist.

However, as our technology has changed over the years and I have learnt more about telepathic interaction, my viewpoint has shifted slightly.

Some very specific things have helped shift this view.

  • Firstly, I read about paranormal investigator Andrew Green establishing an experience where there was no traumatic event and in fact the residual haunting was of someone that was still very much alive.
  • Secondly, I read about quantum mechanics and spooky action at a distance. This highlighted quantum entanglement and the possibility of things being related outside of space-time.
  • Thirdly, I read a lot on telepathy and theorised on telepathic interaction. This highlighted that the most logical and more probable source of the information pertaining to a possibly haunted location would come from the minds of others rather than the location itself.
  • Fourthly, I looked into animal behaviour a little and how we to take into account everything in our surroundings assessing its potential danger unconsciously in order to maintain survival.
  • Fifthly, as I work in IT I realised the similes between what I was looking into and Cloud technology in regards to Jung’s Collective Unconscious.

All these elements made me begin to look at the Stone Tape Theory a little differently.

A New Look Stone Tape Theory

When I stood back and decided to look again at the Stone Tape Theory, I realised there was another possible location where the information could be located rather than in the geology or water of the location.

Perhaps the location itself is a trigger which allows our unconscious to connect to the collective unconscious in order to obtain information on it. That information then presents itself in a manner that corresponds to our senses, which means it fools our mind into thinking we are seeing that information in our current relative reality. However its actually just information in our mind.

Okay! I know that sounds possibly more far fetched than the Stone Tape Theory, but let me explain a little.

Let’s compare it to modern technology that many of us are actually quite familiar with these days.

Let’s say your smart phone is a little like your mind, it stores all your memories in the form of audible and visual information. All of which is localised to the smart phone handset, your mind.

However your smart phone has greater reach than that. You can upload those memories to the cloud for your personal storage or share those memories on social media.

Social media is like Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Memories and data are shared amongst all in the form of information. All your friends on Facebook for example can access your memories and even a little data too. If your security settings aren’t great even those that aren’t your friends can access it too.
It’s said that our technology may draw similes with our possible abilities, could this be true also of the concept of the Stone Tape Theory or even hauntings in general?

So, when you arrive at a location the location itself triggers your unconscious mind to look up the information on it. A little like scanning social media for the information or perhaps like using google. That information is in a format that relates to our sense, all of sudden there are ghosts appearing in various locations.

So rather than the Stone Tape Theory it becomes telepathic interaction based on our relative reality and locality.

We should always aim to look beyond what is known or believed in order find the true possibilities, whatever they may be.

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