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Anglesey, known as Ynys Mon in Welsh, is an island off the north-west coast of Wales.


Official Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team Interview VIDEO

Spooky Isles talks to Karin Beasant and Gem Tredwin from the Official Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team in Cornwall.

Jack the Ripper Scares During Autumn of Terror

Ripperologist MIKE COVELL explains how the UK reacted to the Jack the Ripper killings during the Autum of Terror in 1888

5 Haunted Bristol Pubs to Visit for Halloween

Haunted Bristol Pubs
Anytime is a great time to visit a haunted pub, but Halloween makes it doubly spooky to check out these most haunted Bristol pubs for some lively spirits or a pint!

10 Tips to Start Ghosthunting On Your Own

How to be a paranormal investigator
So, you think you want to become a paranormal investigator, you’re on your own and not sure where to start? ANN MASSEY tells you how!

Wythenshawe Hall: A Reluctant Haunted House

Wythenshawe Hall
Wythenshawe Hall in Manchester doesn't embrace its haunted reputation, but the ghosts inside don't care, writes RICK HALE
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