Tag: Battlefield Ghosts

Explore ghost stories and strange sightings from some of the most famous war zones in the UK and Ireland.


4 sceptical reasons against Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction
Think alien abduction is all codswallop? Here are four reasons why you might be correct, says RICK HALE

Bloody New Year 1987 REVIEW

Bloody New Year 1987, directed by Norman J. Warren, is a fun kind of awful, writes JAMES WILLIAMS

Gothic 1986 REVIEW

Gothic 1986 with Julian Sands, Natasha Richardson and Timothy Spall
SIMON BALL says about Gothic 1986: "By thunder this was a hard film to review without giving too much of the plot away!"

11 Christopher Lee facts you never knew!

Christopher Lee facts
MJ STEEL COLLINS delves into Christopher Lee's amazing life and churns up some of the amazing stories that made him a legend

Pardon the Pendle Witches: Sign The Petition

Pendle Hill Witches
Spooky Isles supports a campaign to Pardon the Pendle Witches...
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