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William Burke and William Hare, known together as Burke and Hare, were a pair of graverobbers convicted of a series of 16 killings committed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1828.

Burke And Hare’s Life and Crimes: What you need to know!

Burke and Hare
MJ STEEL COLLINS tells us about those nasty Edinburgh bodysnatchers turned murderers Burke and Hare

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Body Snatcher 1945 Boris Karloff
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Protecting against Grave Robbers

Grave Robbing
Grave robbers made staying buried on the British Isles a big problem in days gone by, says Nicola Carpenter.

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FIONA-JANE BROWN says Aberdeen had its own fair share of corpse-stealing, bodysnatching hijinks

8 Scottish serial killers who shocked the world

Scottish serial killers
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Burke and Hare 2010 REVIEW

Burke and Hare 2010's Comedic re-telling of famous grave-robbing tale has a great cast and looks fantastic but is sadly disappointing

Flesh and the Fiends 1960 REVIEW

Historical horror Flesh and the Fiends 1960 impresses with memorable cast and atmospheric and restrained re-telling of the infamous Burke and Hare story


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White Hart Bristol
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Robert Taylor
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Russell Hunter (as Mr. Stabs) and Kenneth Caswell (as Luko) in Sahdows: Dutch Schlitz's Shoes (1975)
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Welsh Dragon
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