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Donegal is a county located in the province of Ulster in the northwest of Ireland, known for its rugged coastline, natural beauty, and tales of ghostly hauntings.

Donegal articles on Spooky Isles


Hell Hounds of Jersey and Guernsey

The Channel Isles have a long history of hell hounds and black dogs of death, says MB FORDE

Chillingham Castle Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted - Mary King's Close
CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Chillingham Castle

Is this the spookiest Haunted London pub crawl?

London has loads of haunted taverns to visit but these three central taverns would prove to be the best London haunted pub crawl, says RICK HALE

The Inverkip Witch Trials

Witch trials swept Scotland in the 17th century and the tiny village of Inverkip was not immune, says CHRISTINE MILLER

The Disappearance of Owen Parfitt

Owen Parfitt was from Shepton Mallet
The disappearance of Owen Parfitt from Shepton Mallet, a rural town in Somerset, has been a mystery for over 200 years old, says L.H. DAVIES
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