Tag: Gwynedd

Gwynedd is a county in Wales.


The Whip and the Body 1963 REVIEW

Simple yet provocative, The Whip and the Body 1963 with Christopher is one of Mario Bava's best!

Where to Visit Black Shuck Sightings in East Anglia

Black Shuck
Guest writer PIERS WARREN goes on the trail of Black Shuck to reveals where to find the beast's haunts in East Anglia

Langham Hotel, haunted stay in the heart of London

An old photograph of the Langham Hotel in London, one of the capital's most haunted hotels
The Langham Hotel in the heart of London has its fair share of famous spooks and spectres.

Born Behind The Veil: 5 Famous British Caul Bearers

Famous Caul Bearers, born behind the veil
Born behind the veil: RICK HALE looks at five famous Britons who were born en caul, a mystical mark believed to make the caulbearer usually lucky or talented...

What is a Kelpie? Scotland’s Horses of Hell!

Kelpies are ferocious creatures, native to the waterways of Scotland, and aim to kill and eat as many humans as possible. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us more about these blood-thirsty monsters!
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