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Jersey is a Crown Dependency, which is part of the Channel Islands situated in the English Channel.


The 3 Ghosts of Dalzell House, Motherwell

Dalzell House
Motherwell’s Dalzell House is filled with colourful ghosts. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us the story behind this historic Scottish haunted mansion.

Black Sunday 1960 REVIEW

Black Sunday 1960
Black Sunday 1960 is an all-time must-see for students of horror, says BARRY McCANN

Slua Sidhe, the Fairy Shock Troop of Ireland

ANN MASSEY tells us why you should always have a piece of iron in your pocket should you cross the Slua Sidhe in Ireland.

Gurning Man of Glasgow Mystery: The truth revealed!

Gurning Man Glasgow
Discover the truth behind the Gurning Man of Glasgow, MJ STEEL COLLINS reports

10 British Hoodie Horror Films to Watch

Who (or what’s) under the hood? KATE INGLEBY-PARYLO gives us the low down on the Hoodie Horror Film Genre…
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