Bouley Bay, Jersey: A Guide to Hauntings and Terror


Bouley Bay in Jersey contains horrific ghostly secrets known only to those locals aware of its vicious folklore, says RICK HALE

Bouley Bay in Jersey contains horrific ghostly secrets known only to those locals aware of its vicious folklore, says RICK HALE
Bouley Bay in Jersey has a history of hauntings and terror.

Boyley Bay is located along the northern shore of the island of Jersey, and nestled below two of the island’s highest peaks.

An attractive area well known for sandy beaches and pristine warm waters, thousands of vacationers a year flock to the beach of Bouley Bay.

But, the locals, especially those well acquainted with the folklore of the island, are well aware of what lurks in the bay once the sun dips below the horizon.

Bizarre lights dance among the waves, a phantom woman wanders the streets and a horrific beast portends incoming storms.

History of Bouley Bay

Historical records of Bouley Bay show that a port has existed in this location as far back as 1274CE.

Merchants and sailors frequented the bay bringing in goods and services to the island.

However, the bay also attracted smugglers who operated under the cover of darkness at the remote harbour.

Although Bouley Bay is a beautiful spot to enjoy outdoor activities, it has known a great deal of violence.

At the height of the Civil War, Parliamentary troops stormed the bay in search of Royalist leaders.

Fortunately, for the Royalists leaders, they were tipped off and took refuge in Elizabeth Castle and Mont Orgueil.

And in 1769, riots broke out on the island and soldiers were dispatched to the island to restore order.

The Haunting Of Bouley Bay

A common problem that vexes many a paranormal researcher is separating facts from fantasy. And old folk tales from true psychic phenomena.

Bouley Bay is no exception to this problem. Nevertheless, the people who have experienced these spectral beings will tell you, they are among the living.

Ghost Lights

Since the earliest days of Bouley Bay’s history as a port, sailors and merchants have spun tales of bizarre ghost lights that come in with the tide.

These lights manifest as large balls of multi-coloured lights. As well as fast moving streaks.

Some believe these lights that dance around the bay may in fact be fairy folk enjoying the beach while humans sleep away the night.

The Lady in White

Manifestations of ghostly women in white are a common occurrence in the paranormal lore of the United Kingdom. And Bouley Bay is no exception.

A mysterious woman in a white gown has been reported wandering the streets leading to the bay.

No one can say with any certainty who she was in life, but she has appeared before a handful of motorists before vanishing in front of their bewildered eyes.

The Black Dog of Bouley Bay

Giant sinister black dogs are another long time staple of English folklore going all the way back to ancient Celts.

Throughout history many people have lived in fear of these black dogs believing them to be a manifestation of the devil.

This black hound of hell has a much different purpose other than scaring small children. It seems to be an omen of destructive storms.

Prior to the great storm of 1987, the image of a giant black dog dragging a chain with glowing red eyes was seen on Bouley Bay.

He was said to howl into the violent winds that blew in off the sea. And then vanished.

In the early years of the 21st century, these tales of a great black hound has not stopped.

A car full of people driving near the bay when they received the fright of their life.

According to them as they drove near the bay, a giant black dog with glowing red eyes suddenly appeared in the middle of the road and gave chase.

The terrified eyewitnesses reported they could hear what could only be described as the sound of a great metal chain being dragged by the dog.

And just as soon as it appeared the dog vanished leaving the car full of young people thoroughly terrified.

An alternative explanation was offered years ago when it was theorised this supposed hell hound was created by smugglers in an attempt to keep people away as they went about their villainous trade.

No matter what the case may be, the black dog is reported to this day.

Bouley Bay on the northern coast of Jersey is an ideal getaway for those who enjoy sandy beaches and pristine waters.

However, if you should stay after dark, you do so at your own risk.

Have you had a ghostly experience in Bouley Bay? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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Rick Hale
Rick Hale, is a native of Chicago, Illinois and first became interested in the paranormal after having a positive interaction with an apparition at a young age. Rick is the author of The Geek's Guide To The Strange and Unusual: Poltergeists, Ghosts and Demons. Behold! Shocking True Tales of Terror...and Some Other Spooky Stuff. And Bullets, Booze and Babes: The Haunted History of Chicago and Illinois. Rick is the co-host of The Shadow Initiative Paranormal Talk. Rick was featured in the documentary Ghost Tapes 2. Rick is a featured writer for Spooky Isles and Rick has also been published by Haunted Times, Paranormal Underground, The Supernatural Magazine and Legends Magazine.


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