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Tod Slaughter (1885-1956) was an English actor, known for playing villians in film adaptations of Victoria melodramas, such as Maria Marten, of the Murder in the Red Barn, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Face at the Window and The Greed of William Hart.



The Slaughter of Sacrist Downie

Sacrist Downie
DR FIONA-JANE BROWN tells how an 19th Century school prank gone wrong still disturbs Aberdeen to this day ...

Beware Blue Bell Hill’s Phantom Hitchhiker

Blue Bell Hill Haunting
Blue Bell Hill in Kent is a notorious haunting, with many weary drivers coming face to face with its phantom hitchhiker, says CALLUM CAMPBELL

Why does Jack the Ripper still haunt Whitechapel?

JON REES how Jack The Ripper still fascinates us almost 125 years since the Whitechapel murders

Isle of Man’s 10 Scariest Haunted Places to Visit

Isle of Man has many haunted locations, here are 10 of the best and spookiest!

Who was Gef the Talking Mongoose?

A portrait of Gef the Talking Mongoose
Gef the Talking Mongoose is one of the strangest tales every to come out of the Isle of Man, says NIA JONES
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