The Ghosts of The Tron Theatre, Glasgow


MJ STEEL COLLINS tells us about the ghostly goings on at the Tron Theatre, warning us to beware the theatre’s boiler room!
The Tron Theatre is  located in the Merchant City area of Glasgow and has been used as a theatre venue since 1981, originally, the site was that of St Mary’s Church, which was allegedly burnt down in 1793 by drunken members of the Hellfire Club. The church’s steeple survived intact, and can still be seen today. The building has taken on many incarnations during its history including a meeting hall, a place of execution and a police station.

Due to the theatre’s colourful history it is no surprise that there have been several reports of paranormal activity within the building over the years, theatre staff often report feelings of being watched, one male staff member felt what seemed to be an icy finger across his neck, another saw an office door handle open on its own.  Two phantom children and a man dressed in full horse riding apparel has been encountered, a dark apparition with a threatening presence has been witnessed in the boiler room, which is on the former site of St Mary’s crypt.

Supernatural phenomenon seems a regular occurrence in the theatre’s Victorian Bar,  but the most paranormally active site is reported to be the two back rows of the auditorium.

Several groups have investigated the Tron, including The Ghost Club and the Scottish Paranormal Investigations. During their visit they allege to have contacted numerous spirits, including  a child of about 8 years old, a teenage girl with a missing hand, a town crier and a thespian called Arthur. When The Ghost Club investigated they recorded the sound a little girl, someone moving in the auditorium when it was empty and were given the name Robert Adam, which is linked to the church’s past. Walkie-talkies and equipment suffered technical problems, batteries drained quickly in the vicinity of the notorious boiler room,

 When The Ghost Club returned for their second visit – they again encountered whatever lurks in the boiler room. Eight months earlier, it was recorded in the accident logbook that a workman fell off his ladder, some believe he was pushed. The team psychic immediately picked up on the ladder accident and alleged it was caused by the boiler room ghost. Also contacted were prisoners and a noose was seen, likely dating back to when the building was used as a police station.

Clearly, the audience share the theatre with a cast of spooky characters… I don’t think I’ll be going to the toilet alone at the Tron Theatre again!


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