Why I love Peter Cushing

Marcus Brooks with Peter Cushing

The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society UK has been running under various names and forms since the 1950s. Super fan Marcus Brooks tells The Spooky Isles how  the Hammer star’s fan club has embraced the internet age.

MOST people reading The Spooky Isles probably consider themselves horror film fans – including those writing it. But there would be very few of us who can honestly say we have spent as much time devoted to the genre as “super fan” Marcus Brooks – the organiser of the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society.

The Bristol-based blogger has been running the fan club for the Hammer legend since the late 1970s, when he took over administering the club from its founder, Gladys Fletcher.

Marcus had been a fan of Cushing since the age of six when he went to see his first movie, Doctor Who and the Daleks. His love of Hammer Horror grew hearing about the films from his older relatives.

“My Father and two Uncles went along to see Dracula Prince of Darkness at a midnight screening and were terrified!” Marcus told The Spooky Isles. “The following morning my Uncle, who was a Hammer fan, made much of the film, told me all the details and about Peter Cushing. I was very close to my Uncle – he was a very good story teller and nurtured my interest in anything horror film related. I guess I have him to blame … innocent times.”

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. I am also a Peter Cushing fan, i think with Sir Christopher Lee they make excellent horror movies, i love them all, i cried bitterly all day when i heard Pter died, there will never be a great pair as these 2 fine actors, i find todays so called horror is boring and to gory and sometimes far to much sex. I went to Transylvania in Christopher’s documentry film In Search of Dracula and Dracula’s castle was hug much larger than Windsor Castle and the grounds was huge and vast and put on top of the evergreen hills, we went in the summer of 1974, when it became nightfall my parents and my younger brother heard howlings we asked the tour guide and she told us there are wolves up here but they will not come here near us, they are afraid of humans, so i played a prank on my brother i made a howling noise in his ear he jumped and it scared him, i laughed and told him they are my children of the night. he soon calmed down and started laughing and said who do you think you are Bela Lugosi’s sister. My parents didn’t know what my brother and i was up too they were more interested to enter the castle so we did so much stuff like swords on the wall, portrait paintings of how he looked liked him, etc etc it was really interesting, it was a pity we were not allowed to take and photos or filming.I recommend anyone to go to Romania for a holiday and go on this trip it is worth the money.

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