5 Haunted Places to Visit in Cardiff

Cardiff has some pretty spooky buildings. NIA JONES picks five of the Welsh capital’s most haunted sites.

1. Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

Located in the centre of the city, Cardiff Castle was home to a succession of noble families. The Second Marquis of Bute’s (John Crichton-Stuart) family spent six generations at the residence, and then gave Cardiff County Council the building as a gift. Plenty of paranormal phenomena have been reported over the years, early morning activity takes place regularly in the stockroom, and items move around with no explanation, a misty spectre is occasionally seen nearby. In other parts of the property furniture changes position and doors lock and unlock without any human hand turning the keys, also a phantom coach has been seen and heard in the grounds. But it seems some members of the Bute family have never really flown the nest, The Second Marquis of Bute is said to actively haunt the castle. He drew his last breath in the castle’s chapel and has been seen wearing a long red coat, pushing past visitors in the chapel doorway. He has also been seen walking through the fireplace of an adjoining room. And an apparition, whom they assume is the Marquis’s wife Lady Sophia, floats around the castle grounds at night.

2. Castell Coch

Castell Coch

Author: Nia Jones

NIA JONES is Spooky Isles Assistant Editor and Wales Correspondent. She is a playwright and writer who has written for many different publications including The Guardian Community Film Blog, The New Empress magazine, The Best You.co and Inside Media Track. Follow her on Twitter @niaserenwib

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  1. Great story you have shared. Two times i’v visited the cardiff castle, it is really good place to spend 1-2 hours.

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