London’s Knights of the Living Dead

Knights of the Living Dead

The Knights of St Lazarus were an ancient order of  fighting lepers, whose rotting flesh and self-belief they couldn’t be killed gave them the reputation as “the undead”. JON KANEKO-JAMES reports.

Everyone knows that London was once home to the Knights Templar, and the Knights of St. John, but many don’t know that some of the Maltese Crosses you see around London represent something quite different. Both the Green Maltese Cross and the symbol of a lion with a scarred face are the emblem of another order of Knights who came to London: the Living Dead.

Author: Jon Kaneko-James

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  1. Fascinating article. What are your sources? I ask not because I doubt your validity, but because I want to learn more!

  2. Elliot – there’s plenty of mentions on the net if you want to look, but I will ask Jon for you :)

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