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Zombies are reanimated corpses. The term – derived from Haitian folklore – was first recorded in English by the poet Robert Southey, as “zombi” in a history of Brazil. The word’s origin is West African and the Oxford English dictionary compares it to the Congo words, nzambi (god) or nzumbi (fetish).

Shock Waves 1977 REVIEW

Peter Cushing - Shock Waves 1977
Shock Waves 1977, starring Peter Cushing, is a fun, well-directed underwater Nazi zombie exploitation thriller, says TERRY SHERWOOD

Shaun of the Dead 2004 REVIEW

Shaun of the Dead 2004
ANN MASSEY tells us why Shaun of the Dead is the strawberry flavoured Cornetto of Wright and Pegg’s comedy horror trilogy

The Rizen 2017 REVIEW

An experiment with the occult goes horribly wrong in 1950's England. "Gloriously Lovecraftian" says SIMON BALL, as he looks at The Rizen (2017).

The Girl With All The Gifts 2016 REVIEW

The Girl With All The Gifts
"A creepily original zombie dystopia," says ANDREW GARVEY, as he looks at 2016's The Girl With All The Gifts.

Halloween Monsters Crawl Out From Real Irish Folklore

ANN MASSEY O’REGAN gets us ready for Halloween with these real life monsters from Ireland's folklore

The Silence by Tim Lebbon BOOK REVIEW

ANDREW GARVEY takes a look at Tim Lebbon's fun new twist on the zombie genre, The SIlence...

10 hilarious Shaun of the Dead facts you didn’t know

Shaun of the Dead is a cricket bat smashing blast!
KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS serves up 10 Shaun of the Dead fun facts you may not know about the zom-rom-com

Top 10 classic British Zombie Films you shouldn’t miss!

British zombie films that bleed red, white and goo according to RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES!

Zombies! British and Irish Undead through History

M J Steel Collins shambles through the Undead in British and Irish tradition

The Frozen Dead 1966 REVIEW

The Frozen Dead
Mad scientist tries to bring Nazis back from the dead in 60s England. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES investigates.

28 Days Later (2002) – 10 things you didn’t know

28 Days Later
KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS reveals some interesting facts from Danny Boyle's groundbreaking zombie horror, 28 Days Later (2002)...

Devil’s Playground 2010 REVIEW

SIMON BALL reviews Devil's Playground 2010

Undead Underneath BOOK REVIEW

SARAH BLAIR-DICKINSON reviews Undead Underneath, a zombie thriller by Jack Swift

Fallen Soldiers 2015 REVIEW

Fallen Soldiers 2015
SIMON BALL reviews historic zombie horror Fallen Soldiers 2015

Howard Jackson talks about Nightmares Ahead

Nightmares Ahead
Spooky Isles talk s to Howard Jackson about his new horror anthology, Nightmares Ahead

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey BOOK REVIEW

ANDREW GARVEY reviews the James Herbert Award-nominated The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

Irish Zombies: A Bite of Superstition

ANN MASSEY looks at why Ireland has long been terrified of the dead rising and becoming Irish Zombies!

Fast versus Slow Zombies

ANN L HOUGUE-BOUCHER discusses how speed is the difference between creepy and terrifying zombies

Zombies from History BOOK REVIEW

Zombies from History ponders what would happen if historic figures rose from the grave, MJ STEEL COLLINS writes

Vampires and Zombies, Walter Map’s Monsterous Herefordshire

Medieval Monsters
JON KANEKO-JAMES uncovers the grotesque monsters of Walter Map's medieval Britain

Doghouse 2009 REVIEW

Doghouse 2009
Doghouse 2009 is a zombie splatfest, says ANDREW GARVEY

Doctor Blood’s Coffin 1961 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at this Cornwall-set mad doctor flick, Doctor Blood's Coffin 1961

Cockneys vs Zombies 2012 REVIEW

Cockneys Vs Zombies, Cockneys versus Zombies
DARREN CHADWICK-HUSSEIN reviews hilarious schlocky horror London undead fest, Cockneys vs Zombies 2012

The Plague of the Zombies 1966

The Plague of the Zombies 1966 is the strongest of Hammer's experimental films, says ADAM SCOVELL


Hertford: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

SARAH BLAIR-DICKINSON picks five most haunted places in Hertford, Hertfordshire to visit

Haunted Pendennis Castle: A Guide to Ghosts

Pendennis Castle
Pendennis Castle in Cornwall has been the centre of many violent events over the centuries. No wonder it's one of England's most haunted castles!

Top 10 Bram Stoker-Dracula sites to visit in London

Bram Stoker Dracula sites in London
DACRE STOKER, the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, gives his top 10 Dracula sites to celebrate the life of the legendary author

Rotherham: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

CALLUM CAMPELL delves into the numerous inkblots of spooky history in South Yorkshire's Rotherham,

7 Irish Horror Authors You Must Read

Bram Stoker
ANN MASSEY tells us her favourite Irish horror writers and her favourite spooky works