Fallen Soldiers 2015 REVIEW

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Fallen Soldier 2015 is a historic zombie horror reviewed by SIMON BALL

Fallen Soldiers 2015
Fallen Soldiers 2015

Title: Fallen Soldiers
Year of Release: 2015
Director: Bill Thomas
Cast: Matthew Neal, Eve Pearson, Harry Harold

Fallen Soldiers 2015 Review

Billed as The Walking Dead meet Sharpe, a more accurate description of Fallen Soldiers would be Outpost 2008 meets Sharpe. Behind French lines in the lead up to the Battle of Waterloo, British soldier John Cross (Matthew Neal) hijacks a coach to get past the French check point.

Inside the coach he finds a Belgian noble taking his wayward wife Celine (Eve Pearson) to be imprisoned in a convent. Cross kills the husband but in order to secure Celine’s protection has to tell her his story.

Cross was part of a party sent to find captured British soldiers, but gets caught himself and ends up locked in a wagon with two other soldiers. Now those dastardly Frenchies have an evil purpose for their captives and bundle a peasant woman infected with the zombie bug into the wagon.

Fallen Soldiers (2015)

A timely artillery barrage frees the Brits, but not before two of them get bit and we all know what going to happen to them.

Chained to an old pal Cross decides to seek out the French headquarters at the old mill where he thinks he might find a cure, only it turns out that the French master plan is to infect British prisoners with the zombie bug and then use their blood to revive the corpses of Napoleon’s Grand Armee that died on the retreat from Moscow.

Since this would spell disaster for Wellington’s battle plan it’s up to Cross to stop them.

Knocked out for a minimal budget Fallen Soldiers looks like a more expensive production thanks to the authentic looking props and costumes.

There is some nicely choreographed action scene and just enough blood and gore to keep horror fans happy with some gruesome looking walkers.

There is also quite a neat back story to explain the origin of the zombie plague although as is usual with zombie movies the science behind it is just daft.

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