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Zombie films from the UK include Plague of the Zombies, Shaun of the Dead, Cockneys vs Zombies and 20 Days Later.

Shaun of the Dead 2004 REVIEW

Shaun of the Dead 2004
ANN MASSEY tells us why Shaun of the Dead is the strawberry flavoured Cornetto of Wright and Pegg’s comedy horror trilogy

The Rizen 2017 REVIEW

An experiment with the occult goes horribly wrong in 1950's England. "Gloriously Lovecraftian" says SIMON BALL, as he looks at The Rizen (2017).

The Girl With All The Gifts 2016 REVIEW

The Girl With All The Gifts
"A creepily original zombie dystopia," says ANDREW GARVEY, as he looks at 2016's The Girl With All The Gifts.

The Frozen Dead 1966 REVIEW

The Frozen Dead
Mad scientist tries to bring Nazis back from the dead in 60s England. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES investigates.

Devil’s Playground 2010 REVIEW

SIMON BALL reviews Devil's Playground 2010

Fallen Soldiers 2015 REVIEW

Fallen Soldiers 2015
SIMON BALL reviews historic zombie horror Fallen Soldiers 2015

Doghouse 2009 REVIEW

Doghouse 2009
Doghouse 2009 is a zombie splatfest, says ANDREW GARVEY

Doctor Blood’s Coffin 1961 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at this Cornwall-set mad doctor flick, Doctor Blood's Coffin 1961

Cockneys vs Zombies 2012 REVIEW

Cockneys Vs Zombies, Cockneys versus Zombies
DARREN CHADWICK-HUSSEIN reviews hilarious schlocky horror London undead fest, Cockneys vs Zombies 2012

The Plague of the Zombies 1966

The Plague of the Zombies 1966 is the strongest of Hammer's experimental films, says ADAM SCOVELL

Colin 2008 REVIEW

Colin 2008 film review
Colin (2008) - the film made for £45 - reviewed by PHIL SNELSON

28 Weeks Later 2007 REVIEW

The sequel to Danny Boyle's once again ponders the consequences of real life zombie horror - brilliant heart-pounding fun!

28 Days Later 2002 REVIEW

Believable plot in recognisable locations creates edgy realistic modern British horror story


Nottinghamshire’s Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Wollarton Hall
LEE ROBERTS takes us through 10 of his top locations in haunted Nottinghamshire

Pass the mayhem! Top 5 ‘cosy’ British horror movies

Curse of Frankenstein
Guest writer DR JAY DANIEL THOMPSON looks to rural England to discover some quaint British horrors...

Rosemary Timperley, The Greatest Horror Writer You’ve Never Heard Of

Rosemary Timperley is a forgotten English horror/ghost writer who deserves more attention that she gets, says MICHAEL S COLLINS

Richmond: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Richmond Theatre
Richmond in a beautiful but spooky town on the Thames. Here are 5 haunted places you can visit.

The 3 Ghosts of Dalzell House, Motherwell

Dalzell House
Motherwell’s Dalzell House is filled with colourful ghosts. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us the story behind this historic Scottish haunted mansion.