Outpost 2008 REVIEW

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Outpost is a 2008 Nazi-themed horror, reviewed by SIMON BALL

Outpost 2008

Title: Outpost
Year released: 2008
Director: Steve Barker
Cast: Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, Richard Brake, Michael Smiley

So DC, an ex Royal Marine (Ray Stevenson) turned mercenary walks into a bar in an unspecified war torn part of Eastern Europe. He’s there to meet Hunt (Julian Wadham) a scientist fronting a mysterious organisation with a proposition for DC. Hunt wants DC to put together a team of crack troops to recover an item from an old Nazi bunker deep inside the disputed territory.

When Hunt, DC and his team find the bunker they discover a mound of naked corpses within, local ethnic cleansing the soldiers speculate, however they manage to drag out a breather who they believe is too traumatised to talk. Then the bunker comes under attack and the company medic digs a World War Two round out of wounded Irish former Para McKay (Michael Smiley).

Hunt reveals that this particular bunker was the base of bizarre Nazi experiments to both distort dimensional stability with a unified field generator and create an army of zombie super-soldiers that are impossible to kill.

Hunt’s backers want the unified field generator, but it’s residual effect has been to trap the zombie super-soldiers inter dimensionally until DC’s team arrived to disturb the local vibrations and the breather is their commander.

Hunt reasons that the only way to stop the zombie onslaught on DC’s team is to get the field generator running and hit the magical frequency that will in effect turn them off. Just as things are looking really bad for DC’s boys, Hunt brings them down, but then of course the power to the generator fails and those pesky Nazis get back up again.

Outpost is a good looking movie with nicely dressed sets, good special effects, atmospheric cinematography, sound and lighting. The action is tautly paced and it holds a dramatic line in claustrophobic terror as the Nazi zombies close in on the mercenaries.

It’s packed full of nicely drawn characters who make you want to learn more about them, like former paratrooper McKay with his IRA tattoos?

Better still the soldiers behave like real soldiers and not a bunch of ‘Yes sir’ chanting doughboys.

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